Mock Studio Designs


Big fan of vertical screens, especially for crosses.

I like the idea of your minimalist seating as well, although I think it could be workshopped a little.

Maybe some ABC logo branding somewhere, on a wall perhaps.

Otherwise, stunning post.


first mock, work in progress


has anyone replied yet???


Very promising. I think you need to develop it a bit further and also provide some context and reasoning to your design, before you can get further feedback.


looks good so far, I have been mocking for a long time (about a year, yes that is a long time, maybe) but this looks better than most of my mocks!!!


there needs to be no reasoning to a mock, you can get feedback without all that stuff, this is just a simple studio mock, multi=prpose i would say at the time from what @cupcake_cat has posted. Just my opinion, I always provide some context (what the studio’s used for, news etc.) but it isn’t a necessity


I’m not saying it is a necessity. But the poster requested feedback which is hard given no context was given.


3 news set from gradynz

business set and gallery

sunrise set + interview desk

sunrise again

main news studio

newsroom backdrop used: BBC News at 10 (2008-2013)


Geez!! Calm down. Lol! You could akwatstry messagibg him, he moght not look at this forum often. Or try one like random mocks. I think hes also on that one.


Sorry I don’t share sketch up files anymore as I had some stolen from me and had my worked claimed by someone else.


Nope sorry. Been through this before.


Give the bloke a break, its his work so he can decide where it goes. Use some creativity and create something of your own, you never know you could probably make something just as good.


If you continue to create them, you’ll build more experience over time, I’m sure you can create something just as good on your own. :slight_smile:


Fine then. :frowning:
By the way, here’s my ABC news mock studio, work in progress. Inspired by Ten Eyewitness News.


My newsroom’s beginning to take shape, here’s the Breakfast set

By the way, I have loads of delays because I have to focus more on my studies.
I’m currently on the way to my graduation, me and my fellow classmates are having rehearsals for my graduation rites. Sorry guys, see you tomorrow.


Something like yours will look good in something like indigo render, which is an add on to Sketchup.


one last thing before I go to bed today
my ABC newsroom still work in progress


ABC newsroom had to be redone.

Anyways, here’s my redone news studios in the style of my old set.
Imagine that ABC moved all their news operations to Martin Place and they built a huge 2-story street-side newsroom.


ABC newsroom cancelled :frowning:


Well this certainly is a rollercoaster.