Mock Studio Designs


thanks for the render!


it’s looks so amazing, today should really look into this


Love this version. Smart and professional, with an appropriate light touch for breakfast (the pot plants and interview table).

The only thing I would suggest is either have plasmas instead of the blue-orange backdrop or a street view.


I should have clarified they are plasmas but I just put that in there as a placeholder.


@GradyACN in your first Today mock, I am not quite sure I like the today logo being on the side, just my opinion of course, but I would prefer to have them the right way


That’s because I don’t have a graphic that’s designed for vertical monitors


oh, so you had to put them on the side? ok, thats fine then


A pretty good videos showing the individual elements for the Tonightly set
good for an aspiring studio mockers.


I appreciate the show is probably working towards a small budget but that set, given the amount of available space is a little underwhelming.


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Mock Studio Designs continuing discussion from old forum located here.

My studio design & Video wall l graphics ( VIZRT )


Mate, they have to share the studio with the monolithic Media Watch set. Paul Barry is not a man to be taken on!


Heres what i could come up with hope you all enjoy


What if Newshub used the same style studio as the 2008-16 studio with inspiration from STV
See Newscast Studio for STV.


Love it!


Sorry, I know I have a habit of posting half-baked sets and then losing interest and never finishing them off but anyway…a sneak peak at something new for the ABC News Channel (inspired pretty heavily by this CBC set).

Still need to work on the finishing off the desk, newsroom and some nice lighting.


Green screens, in this day and age, who even uses green screens. Yes ok, regional news’ whom have a low budget, but for abc, his seems like a national set, they could afford actual screens


I’m pretty sure the “chroma key green” is only there as a placeholder and that there would be real screens if eddel’s set concept (which is great by the way) ever became reality.


Yes, I just use the green until I can go back through and source/create graphics for the screens (which is usually the last thing I do unless I’ve got something specific that I want to use).


ok. (mental note: do not judge a brilliant creation before it is finished.) my bad.

now one thing I always struggle is measurements. . i wonder if you could tell me your standards (if you have any) I just usually base them off whether it looks to scale or not. this is really the last thing I need to learn. and also do you make your own cameras?


Some quick renders of a new multipurpose set for ABC Melbourne. Originally started out as a redesign of The World’s new set but then I figured why not expand it to handle other programs as well.

Are there any other programs that come out of the Melbourne studio?

The large graphic wall on the right behind the vertical plasma would be a printed light box on wheels.

Also hadn’t realised that I never posted an update on my News 24 mock. Sorry, will do some renders when I get home tonight (it changed quite a bit, ie dramatically downsized it to fit in the existing studio). More angles/renders of the Melbourne set to come as well.