Mock Studio Designs


All you just need to set your image texture to diffuse (layer to 0, set your brightness etc) and then where it says “output” (or something like that, I’m on my phone so working from memory here) select “sketchup” in the drop down menu. I will check when I get a chance and edit this post if I’ve missed something.


No worries. Hope all goes well.


A mock design of WIN news, unfinished, unrendered, will see if I can make my first proper render. I just need to work out how to do lighting. If you have any suggestions on what else I could do with this I would love them. The lower level will be set up like a news room (i think its called that)


TEN News Sydney with new desk and in Late News setup


Holy cow. That looks amazing.


You’ve nailed the design of the atrium! Great mock once again!




I’m sad this will likely never come to fruition. Awesome work there, as always.


Fantastic as always!

This look could also be easily replicated in Adelaide, we still have the window to the newsroom tucked behind half of the current set. Would you be able to give us a taste of Adelaide with this design? I’ve included some caps (credit to the OPs) that might help.


Another brilliant mock!


Today for 2018 ?

Feedback or things to add?



love it, i think for a show like today, there needs to be some sort of pot plant in the studio



render if you get the time/ a chance?


also where did you get that news room background from?


I really love this standing desk on CBS This Morning (I think it may be new-ish?). I wonder what it would look like as main nightly bulletin desk, instead of sitting down? Why do newsreaders always have to sit down? Could be a fresh, pacey action-news standing host take for one of the broadcasters.


Will do

That’s the Bloomberg newsroom backdrop from lighwell design.



I’d take that hands over the current studio. looks so much better. Amazing work @GradyACN