Mock Studio Designs


Channel 7 took a lot of inspiration from this design.


I didn’t ever realise that until you said that, but that makes a lot of sense. Right down to the excessive use of Gill Sans in the graphics.


Yeah, I agree that Seven News seemed to take a lot of inspiration from the then-look of BBC News for their Early 2000s sets & graphics.


Here’s a reminder…


So this thread has kinda died recently…

Still a work in progress but here’s my latest concept for Martin Place (just on my way out so apologies for the quick/grainy renders, will replace them later tonight):


That looks fantastic - can’t wait to see the finished product! :laughing: That desk based on the new Nightly News desk? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


that is a large green screen, not sure whether I quite like that, it would be better as a LED screen


can someone give me the nine news desk and weather screen?


This current CBSN set for their 24/7 news reminds me of the 2000’s Ten Late News set with Sandra


Also looks like the old TWiT Brickhouse set.


just kinda though, not a lot


Haven’t had a lot of free time to work on mocks recently but here’s an update on my latest Seven News concept from a few weeks ago:

And some early glimpses of the Melbourne version which would also include a refreshed newsroom:

Having a bit of a creative block figuring out how the concept would work in a fully enclosed studio (like Brisbane/Perth) so might tackle Adelaide next.


Holy shit that is beautiful :heart_eyes:


Oh my god that is amazing :heart_eyes:


I wish I could find something like this on the Warehouse.


I know know how to do everything (glass, images etc) thanks you @GradyACN
but how do you get the images (on the screens, to be so bright, like it is an actual tv screen, and how do you do the lighting, so only some places are really bright, and other parts are dark. When I try to render, everything in my models are the same brightness


@eddel that mock looks stunning. However, I was always keen to see if the Sydney set can also be used for Sunrise as well? If you have the time can you possibly have a tackle at it please?

Many thanks.



A Sunrise version is definitely coming at some point, have just had a crazy few months with a new job and travel and life in general. Hopefully soon, I would like to get back to doing more of this creative stuff soon.


All you just need to set your image texture to diffuse (layer to 0, set your brightness etc) and then where it says “output” (or something like that, I’m on my phone so working from memory here) select “sketchup” in the drop down menu. I will check when I get a chance and edit this post if I’ve missed something.


No worries. Hope all goes well.