Mock Studio Designs


Here is what I came up with for the Gold Coast, Everything is pretty much where it is now.


Brilliant set, but would it even fit in the Gold Coast studio?


I think it will. If not rotate 90° and change the weather plasma side and problem solved, they have quite a long studio not sure how wide.


I so want to find that desk and the weather screen somewhere, I wish I was able to make them!


Why aren’t we active anymore?


I have been in the middle of a house move and have been unwell also which is why I haven’t been posting.


Not that this really constitutes a proper set design, rather a ‘pieces tacked together’ mock, but it’s a simple way that Seven Sydney can minimise the blue on their set.

I’ve cropped out the blue light bar above the screen, but image it in red. I’ve also replaced the desk screen and blue strips with the two screens showing the graphic used by Seven Perth. The subtle blue around the screen can stay put as it breaks up the colour nicely.

Mocks [by Nicholas]
Seven News Content and Appearance

3D print your designs and display them round the home!


I AM VERY VERY TEMPTED TO!!! My friend has a 3D printer and I was gonna see if he could print some up.


Terrific idea but expensive and time consuming


What’s the point of two screens? Why not just one big one?


Moving house must suck, unless your going from a terrible house to an extremely nice house, I understand that you can’t do anything in that time :grinning:


All I’ve done is directly transpose the graphic used by Seven Perth, Sydney could very well use one large screen if it wanted.


I’d would think that you’d have to resize and convert all of the models to make them printable.

I also don’t think that you can do prints in more than one colour.


You could do them in white, and then paint them


Is someone able to do a tutorial on the 9 news desk? And maybe the weather screen?


New update for SU


which one is that?


Out of curiosity, has anyone made a recreation of BBC News 24 in 1999? One of my favorite sets of all time.


I’m surprised with Southern Cross in Tasmania updating their look soon that no one has jumped on the band wagon with a mock up… any takers?