Mock Studio Designs


I have to say I hate ABC’s new graphics, they’re far too dark


Great job!


Whenever I try to open Sketchup with my internet on, it takes forever to load, and I alway get the wheel of death, and for those who aren’t familiar with MacBooks, that’s a spinning rainbow wheel. Why is this happening


What about a rectangle desk width, just making a studio is .70cm enough?


This is how I create a centred rectangle!


@GradyACN Would it be possible if you created a set for Seven News that could be used in all markets to create one unified brand? Something that is fresh and modern with inspiration from SKY UK, Nine News and the Seven News set from 2004-2011?


As Nine is going for the round, circular look (even the regional CG set gives an indication of this), Seven could go in the opposite direction to set(!!) itself apart as it has in Sydney and Adelaide with more squared, angular sets, or with rounded edges like in Perth.


I have and can. If you look back through the thread you’ll see a few unified designs I have done from 7.


Hi @GradyACN, is it possible if you can make a different version of one of your sets below for Seven (different desk/colours etc)? Would be a good template for Seven, btw great job on the others.


Sure can. Won’t be till Monday. Got work in the morning.


No problems, can’t wait!


Also I think that old set would be perfect with the new nine news graphics


How do you get a transparent glass effect in indigo, I have tried but it always just turns out being black


From my experience the glass object needs to be 3D


Right click on the surfaces that appear black and then click on “reverse faces”. That should fix the issue, if not then no idea what is wrong.


Apologies, currently have no internet at home and am unable to post,[quote=“edwardtremethick, post:421, topic:416, full:true”]
How do you get a transparent glass effect in indigo, I have tried but it always just turns out being black

I will be able to help when I have the internet, it’s an easy process but better explained with images.


No problems. Hope all is going well :slight_smile:


FINALLY got a round tuit

Select the material

Right click on it, on the skindigo menu select edit '[MATERIAL NAME HERE]" (Material Style)

Then change from whatever the defult is to thin glass then you end up with the light glass that is in my models

Useful stuff for mocks


Ha ha, I think I’ve actually got one of those