Mock Studio Designs


I love it :smiley: 10/10 agree

Check your PM’s[quote=“edwardtremethick, post:386, topic:416”]
Do you have the new nine news studio?

only the old studio sorry


I did find the new one that you posted on first of feb, but I forgot to take it to show Peter hitchener, but it doesn’t matter, I noticed that the setup was a little wrong though, the step is on the wrong side, but it doesn’t matter if you deleted it then


I know it’s not a SketchUp design but if anyone is interested, and wants recreate this (I never will be able to!) here are some photos from my 9 news studio tour (inc. 9 news melb and footy classified)

(Sorry about me in one of them! )


I know the post you are referencing it is actually a design for Nine Regional News set not a copy of the Nine News Melbourne set


Nine National News set, I feel this set is due a big makeover, here is what I would do, cut in 1meter each side of the studio and give the room some more space, add rails for the cameras to sit on and automate them like what the BBC has done, give the space a more dynamic feel and freshen it up, Either keep the mega wall or make it larger and make it a 3x5 HD video wall, and replace the prints on the right hand wall with a 2x2 monitor set-up, the glass look out into the newsroom would be widened, but due to the added width I would make it 3 panels of glass with supports in between them, the desk would be updated to match the new set designs and be on a 180 degree lazy susan to allow the desk to rotate for ACA.


Wow, I’m so impressed with the detail and thought that’s gone into this. Nice work!


Really spectacular, would love to see them do something like this.


So you just tweaked it little bit to make it look more regional.


What news set is that that has the glass window?


Yep pretty much. [quote=“edwardtremethick, post:396, topic:416, full:true”]
What news set is that that has the glass window?

The ACA and Nine News Now studio aka studio 23? At docklands? Someone feel free to correct me.


Studio 23 is at TCN in Willoughby, Sydney. :blush:


Thank you. I have midnight mush brain.




I bloody love this ^.

I wonder how colour highlights could be introduced through - perhaps their colour coded alerts (red breaking, orange developing etc) could light up the grey staging areas under the desk and below the screens, as it happens?


It’s very cool, but very dark and black


What height level should I use for the objects in Sketchup??

Should I use eye level eg 1.6 Meters or something smaller??


Here has been my rule of thumb for most things,

3M for standard wall heights
4M or 4.5M for taller studio walls (It’s just what I use)
.90M for desks and tables
.10M for risers and desk platforms


that see[quote=“GradyACN, post:405, topic:416”]
.90M for desks and tables

that seem very short, i’ve always used 1.2 at least


every model maker has a preferred size for studio’s mine are because I have been able to see sets in action and try to make them too as close to scale as possible.
But here are some mesurements from my latest model.


my first mock set