Mirror Mirror

Brief promo seen tonight -

Previously promoted as coming this year.

Mirror Mirror delves deeper into what daily rituals like internet scrolling can really do to us.

See 0:43

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I think it will air on the same week as the finale of The Amazing Race Australia in October, so that The Traitors can take over the Sunday-Tuesday 7.30pm the following week.

Todd Sampson’s Jaw-Dropping Documentary. Mirror Mirror: Love & Hate.

Starts Monday 10 October, 7.30pm On 10 And 10 Play.

Did you know the average Aussie will spend 17 years of their life staring at their phone?

There’s no doubt the internet is the most powerful, mind-altering thing on earth.

The world wide web is certainly affecting how we relate to each other, how we love and hate, but what impact will this have on our future?

Over two big nights, join Todd Sampson as he explores how the internet is changing us and what we can do about it.

The question is, are we too late?

Mirror Mirror: Love & Hate starts Monday, 10 October and continues Tuesday, 11 October, 7.30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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Pretty much confirms that the TAR finale will be scheduled for Tuesday, 4th of October.

Not Sunday 10 October?

Sunday is the 9th.

Todd posted an article about the ADHD diagnosis doubling and said could the reason be social media? and now the tweet is deleted so I assume he got abuse for it. I mean can we even question anything anymore?

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Changed the title as this looks like it will be an ongoing series.

Todd appeared on Studio 10 on Friday morning to discuss the show.

Is this season 2 coming on Monday?

If so, no thread for season 1? Did we miss this last year?

There was not topic created last year. Didn’t realise it would be an on-going series; seemed like a one-off.

Ah, no worries. Thank you for letting me know. Was just confused and thought that I’d watched it last year!

This is where it was discussed last year. There wasn’t much said there. I think we had more to say whrn the ratings came out.

I think what’s happened is I probably read it in there last year but this upcoming season has caught my attention more as the topic is of interest to me. I didn’t watch it last year but it sounded familiar, searched for the thread and found it only opened this year and then got really confused. All good now. Thanks for your help! :blush:

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The first season was a great doco. It’s still on 10play.

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Should I watch it before this years season?

It’s definitely worth watching. It had a lot to do with body image and dysmorphia. Quite eye opening. The new season looks like it might more more about how the internet is changing people.

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Yes, that’s what peaked my interest. I’m generally against social media and online sharing content so this one definitely got my ears burning.

I think social media has a negative impact on people and I find it damaging to mental health. But, that’s not for this topic!

Episode 1 is about Love and Episode 2 is about Hate.

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