Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 6, 2019

DAB+ ratings:

Holy shit 96FM :money_mouth_face:


In Sydney, 2GB remains at #1 with 13.4%, unchanged from last survey, whilst Smooth remains at #1 FM at 9.2% just ahead of KIIS. ABC Sydney fell 1.1% to 8.3%, just ahead of WS at 8.2%, whilst Nova went up 0.4% to 7.6%. With the axing of Grant, Ed & Ash, 2Day only went up 0.4% to 4.5%, whilst breakfast only went up 0.1% to 2.5%. MSR remains at 1.1%.

In Melbourne, 3AW fell 1.3% to 13.9%, placing themselves only 1.9% ahead of Gold 104.3, who went up 2.2% to 12%, rating well ahead of Fox & Smooth. ABC Melbourne is at 8.6%, whilst Nova remained steady at 7.2%, and KIIS went down 0.9% to 5.8%. MSR is at 0.3% (+0.1).

In Brisbane, Nova remains at #1 with 12.8%, followed by 97.3 at 11.3%, 4MMM with 11% & hit105 with 10.9%. 4KQ is at 8.4%, 4BC at 5.9% (down 0.8) & MSR at 1.5% (steady).

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 remains at #1 with 12.3%, followed by Nova with 11.3%, ABC Adelaide with 10.2%, and 5MMM & FiveAA with 10% each. Hit 107 rates 0.2 ahead of Cruise (9.4 to 9.2).

And in Perth, Nova remains at #1 with 13.5%, whilst something happened that hasn’t occurred since 2013.

96fm outrates Mix 94.5, in which they scored a 12.7% share, only 0.8% behind Nova, pushing Mix to 3rd place with 10.9%. When’s the last time Mix were in that ratings position?! :open_mouth:
Elsewhere, hit92.9 is at 9.3%, followed by 6PR with 8.3% & ABC Perth with 7%. 6iX fell 1% to 4.1%.


For some reason your link points to 2018’s ratings. Here is the correct one

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It was pointing to the correct survey when I first posted this thread, but then they changed it for some reason afterwards. Hmmmm… :thinking:

I’ve since changed it to a new link from a different website.

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The standout results for me are Gold 104.3 and 96FM… Big jumps for both, not sure why though! They aren’t really doing anything different to before?

Not a huge impact outside of Melbourne in replacing Kate with Ed Kavalee for HIT drive. Will be interesting to see what the plan is for Ed in 2020.

96fm has appointed Botica’s Bunch for breakfast, as well as its new “Real Music” positioning statement, which saw listeners move away from Mix 94.5, who had dominated Perth radio for so long. It’s all thanks to its new well-renowned GM, Gary Roberts, who is no stranger to Perth radio.

Here are the stations in ranking order in Brisbane & Sydney.


#1. Nova: 12.8
#2. 97.3. 11.3
#3. 4MMM: 11.0
#4. hit105: 10.9
#5. 4KQ: 8.4
#6. 4JJJ: 8.1
#7. ABC Brisbane: 7.1
#8. 4BC: 5.9
#9. ABC Classic: 2.1
#10. 4RN: 1.9
#11. MSR: 1.5
#12. ABC Newsradio: 1.1


#1. 2GB: 13.4
#2. Smooth: 9.2
#3. KIIS: 9.1
#4. ABC Sydney: 8.3
#5. WSFM: 8.2
#6. Nova: 7.6
#7. 2MMM: 6.3
#8. 2JJJ: 4.7
#9. 2Day: 4.5
#10. ABC Classic: 3.9
#11. 2CH: 3.8
#12. 2RN: 2.1
#13. ABC Newsradio: 1.6
#14. MSR: 1.1
#15. Sky Sports: 0.8


2DayFM up a massive 0.1 in breakfast. Luckily it costs a whole bunch less than their last attempt at breakfast.

A huge book for Gold 104.3, only 1.9% off 3AW :open_mouth:. Encouraging gains too for ABC Melbourne, up 1.7% in breakfast to a 9.9 share. KIIS slipping back down below a 6 share. Nova flat as expected.

97.3 losing traction, including a loss of 0.8% in breakfast. Guessing this may change with the new Triple M offering impacting in survey 7.

Hit107 the big winners in Adelaide, up 1,5% though still shy of a 10 share.

96’s figures are incredible. Nova might be in some trouble there.

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Nova 96.9 seems to be losing their Under 18 listeners to KIIS. I guess their repetitive mouldy oldies are a turn off. Should never have turned their back on “fresh hits”.

It makes no sense to me why they play so many throwbacks on Thursday and Friday nights during Smallzy’s surgery. They’re losing the next generation to KIIS.

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Haven’t seen a big increase like that for Gold 104.3 before. It went up in all timeslots on weekdays which is remarkable.
ABC Classic FM also went up by 1.1 in Melbourne.
SEN’s ratings went backwards despite the AFL finals.
I reckon ABC Radio Melbourne’s increase is partly due to its exclusive broadcast of Ashes cricket from England, which attracted lots of late night listeners - it went up by 2.4 in weekday evenings.


Looking at the demo ratings, it’s interesting to see Gold 104.3 being the #2 station in the 25-39s behind Fox with a 13.4% share. By comparison, the best WS could do in that same demo this survey is 7th with a 5.6% share, with Smooth outrating it by 4.3%, coming in at 3rd place, as well as by 2Day & 2MMM, who tied at 5th place with 7.8% a piece.

Part of the reason why Gold does so well in Melbourne in contrast to WS in Sydney is the fact that Fox doesn’t do a “More Music, More Variety” format that 2Day does, and therefore has less competition on that front.

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SCA has no #1 stations 10+ or #1FM 10+ in this book. Hmm


Hopefully after the takeover is complete Nine will do something about Macquarie Sports Radio and NTS News Talk Sport. There is no point in broadcasting if next to no one (MSR) and no one (NTS) is listening.


Big increase for Christian O’Connell on Gold 104.3. The ratings for the station as a whole are insane.

Triple M’s Hot Breakfast has been falling in the last couple of surveys.


I put Gold’s performance to how Melbourne surveys tend to operate - there always seems to be stations which experience either a big jump or a sharp fall either generally or in a certain timeslot

Yeah, a worrying trend has emerged with that show’s performance. Perhaps it’s a natural thing considering it’s now a ‘aging’ show having been on the air for 10 years


Of interest Sky Sports Radio now rates higher at Breakfast than MSR. That’s certainly troubling!



The 40-54 ratings battle in Sydney is quite tight.

#1. 2MMM: 12.3
#2. KIIS: 10.6
#3. WSFM: 10.5
#4. Smooth: 10.4
#5. Nova: 8.1

Whereas in Melbourne on the same demo group:

#1. Gold 104.3: 14.6
#2. 3AW: 11.0
#3. 3MMM: 10.7
#4. Fox: 8.9
#5. Smooth: 7.9

2GB is No.1 in very shift except for Drive - where they are in fifth place.

How does Ben Fordham keep his job?

In only a year from now - Survey 6 of 2020 will have been released. I wonder if we will see any changes in radio land with what are some persistent losers in the ratings.

For example, the Hit stations with the big blue "H"s are the lowest rating commercial FM stations in:

  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide
  • Perth

I think it may be time to deflate the big blue “H” and try something that resonates a little more with under 40 audiences. Or will they give it a go for another year and hope like hell that audiences somehow gravitate to them.

How long can failed formats or shows last? Who will buckle first - the Hit Network, Ben Fordham on 2GB Drive, KIIS Melbourne or MSR?

Place your bets.

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