Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 5, 2021

DAB+ ratings:


6MMM behind 6iX 10+ and in breakfast. And Baz thinks he’s going to last 5 years.


ABC made significant gains in Melbourne in all timeslots except evening, as the city returned to lockdown during the survey period. The biggest increases were breakfast with Sammy J (up 2.2%) and mornings with Virginia Trioli (up 2.4%).

Gold was the only FM station to increase its audience share during breakfast, with its FM rivals all dropping from previous survey. PJ Harding was not able to finish her stint on KIIS on a high as the show dropped 1.6%. Her replacement Lauren Phillips and Jase Hawkins had a lot of work to do to lift the ratings.

Fox, Triple M and Smooth all went up in drive.

3AW was still Melbourne’s No.1 station overall but its shares dropped in all timeslots except breakfast.

2UE was just 0.6% behind 2Day in breakfast.


So there’s been a weird change to the ordering of the stations:

  • Commercial AM stations, sorted A-Z (except in Melbourne, where stations are seemingly sorted at random)
  • Commercial FM stations, sorted A-Z
  • ABC AM stations, sorted A-Z
  • ABC FM stations, sorted A-Z

Hence you get oddities like the below.

Please note: SEN 1170 changed to 1170 SEN Sports effective May 23

Please note: SEN 1116 changed to 1116 SEN Sports effective May 23

Neither station is known on air as “SEN Sports”, for instance, but it helps them appear at the top of the list. Likewise, Triple M is placed above Nova, presumably sorted as MMM.

Wonder if there’s been any changes to diaries as a result.


A disastrous result for 2Day at 2.6 overall being beaten by 2UE now. How long will they last and what spin will SCA put on this, that’ll be entertaining.


2UE is 0.1% ahead of 2Day People 10+.


In Sydney, 2GB had quite a significant gain in the overall ratings, going up 3.4% to 15.2%, with Ben Fordham surging ahead in breakfast to 16.8%, with ABC Sydney’s Robbie & Wendy at 2nd with 14%. ABC Sydney was 2nd with 11.9%, up 2.3%, followed by KIIS with 8.7% (-1.9), Smooth with 8.4% (-1.6), WS with 8.1% (-0.2) & Nova with 5.9% (-0.8).

In Melbourne, 3AW rated 15.1%, followed by ABC Melbourne with 12.4%, Gold 104.3 with 10%, Smooth with 7.9%, Fox with 6.9% & Nova with 6.7%. 3MMM, KIIS & JJJ tied with a 4.5% share. Of the AM music stations, Magic rated 1.3%, with 3MP at 1%, both steady from the last survey.

In Brisbane, Nova, 97.3 & 4KQ tied for #1, all of them scoring 10.2% each. This is followed by B105 at 9.7%, 4MMM with 9.3%, ABC Brisbane with 8.4% & 4BC with 7.2%. 4BH reached 2.5%.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 remains on top with 13.9%, followed by ABC Adelaide with 12.2%, FiveAA with 10.3%, Cruise with 9.9%, Nova with 9.8%, 5MMM with 8.4% & SAFM with 7.8%.

And in Perth, Mix 94.5 took the #1 position with 13.4%, followed by Nova with 13.1%, 96fm with 11.8%, JJJ with 8.6%, ABC Perth with 8.2% & 6PR with 8%. As mentioned earlier by AustralianAerial, 6MMM was beaten by 6iX in the overall ratings.


Wow - a three way tie in Brisbane with 4KQ an AM music station as one of the number one stations along with 97.3 and Nova.


Congratulations 2DayFM. Now officially beaten by a ‘shadow of its former self’ station in 2UE.

Gemma Fordham and Dave Cameron must be so proud of their achievement. Decimating a nothing station to an even more nothing station.


I’ll forever find it puzzling, yet fascinating, that Mix has had a major format change from Hot AC to more of a CHR (with RnB Fridays for goodness sakes!), and yet, they’re still number one! Confirms the theory that many just leave their radios on 94.5, no matter what. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, would this be replicated in Sydney or Melbourne? I doubt it…


Alarm bells should be ringing at 3AW. Virginia Trioli on the ABC is now only three points behind Neil Mitchell. Not to mention that Afternoon and Drive have continued to slip further (though Drive in Melbourne is 3pm-6pm whilst the ratings do 4pm-7pm so I suspect Tom Elliott may be a few points higher). But looking on the bright side, Ross and Russel continue to do very well at breakfast.

Unpopular opinion, but I think management should persist with Hughesy, Ed and Erin. Shows need time to build an audience. If they dump them at the end of the year then they’ll be forced to start from scratch resulting in possibly even lower ratings.


As predicted it has happened 2UE has beaten 2day fm!!! Is 2.6% for Breakfast the lowest share yet???

Will we have music for breakfast before the end of the year???

It was not a good survey for music stations in Sydney and Melbourne due to COVID-19 which benefited the talk stations like it did last year.

RE Nova, Bad survey for them,Brisbane is a three way tie between 4KQ and 97.3.

Perth lost the crown to Mix 94.5 yes Covid played apart but the music still remains the problem and it is now being felt nationwide.
The once dominate stations in Perth and Brisbane are shadows of what they use to be.


I believe this is the worst result for 2DayFM since Survey 1 in 1981 when they rated a 2.4%.

And I don’t reckon they have bottomed out yet. With the continued effort of the Morning Crew (and the worst television advertising campaign for a radio station in history) I reckon they can get this to below a 1 share by the end of the year.

Seriously, it’s another lame duck breakfast show. What’s the bet it gets axed in the next five months?


Erin Molan is awful to listen to. She was absent from yesterday’s show and it was an improvement. I don’t think Hughesy & Ed are the silver bullet. The first people who need to go are the executives who have been getting it wrong for the last seven years.


Good result for 6iX, beating Triple M! Not bad for an predominately AM station on limited power. Imagine the results they’ll get should they convert to FM.


In fairness, Nova also went up 0.4% P10+ and is sitting above 13%.

It’s a testimony to how badly 92.9 has been blown up that Mix has surged off the back of a weak breakfast and drive offering.

96FM breakfast up 1.9% will make Duncan very happy.


I don’t think they have ‘time’. They’ve burnt through so many shows so many times, this will be one of them (except with the dubious legacy of the worst ratings).

The ratings are just unsustainable for a network that is trying so hard to make things work. They can put as much lipstick as they like to that rubbish show but it will still be the ugliest pig.

SCA radio management have no idea what they’re doing. Every move they make for 2Day is bad, and every reason they give is delusional. Cameron and Fordham needs to go pronto. They don’t deserve to run any radio divisions.


Bit of a scalp there for the ABC - solid growth for local radio in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney this book.


Cannot believe 2Day FM went below 2UE. Maybe they should do a deal with SEN and become 104.1 FM 2CH.


Yeah no two ways about it its an utterly appalling performance and no PR spin can help them now.