Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 3, 2019

DAB+ ratings:

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In Sydney, 2GB had a small lift, going up 0.3% to 14.8%, whilst Smooth hits double-figures with a 10% share. Further down the ratings ladder, KIIS was #3 (#2 FM) at 9.3%, followed by WS at 8.1%, ABC Sydney at 7.3% (down 1.5%), Nova with 7.2% (up 0.6%), 2Day at 5.6% (down 0.4%) & 2MMM at 5.5% (up 0.8%). JJJ fell to 3.9%, only 0.1% ahead of 2CH, whilst MSR went up 0.3% to 0.8%.

In Melbourne, 3AW had a small decrease by 0.1% to 15.1%, whilst Smooth went down 0.7% to 10.3%, followed by Gold at 9.9%, Fox with 9%, ABC Melbourne with 8.2% (up 0.4%) & Nova with 7.5%. KIIS went up 0.9% to 5.7%, whilst MSR fell 0.1% to 0.3%.

In Brisbane, Nova remains at #1 with 11.5%, followed by hit105, 97.3 & 4MMM, whilst 4KQ went up 1.4% to 9.3%. 4BC had a big jump, going up 1.5% to 7.6%, placing themselves only 0.2% behind ABC Brisbane, whilst MSR went up 0.3% to 0.8%.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 remains at #1 but with a reduced majority, rating a 12.2% share, followed by ABC Adelaide at 10.9%, FiveAA at 10.5%, Nova at 10.3% & hit107 at 9.2%. Cruise rated ahead of 5MMM.
And in Perth, Mix 94.5 remains at #1, as it normally has been, with Nova at #2, followed by JJJ at #3. Hit92.9 went up 0.4% to 9.2%, whilst 96fm fell 0.4% to 7.9%.

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Smooth lost ground in Melbourne but stayed on top of FM ratings. It finished equal first at FM breakfast with Fox.
SEN’s ratings improved with gains during breakfast and daytime.

No major change to Macquarie Sports Radio:

MediaSpy members again recommend the MRN board end this costly and embarrassing experiment.

None have risen over 1%, it’s a total flop, turn the rubbish off and run an automated music format out of a computer until a proper solution tailored to each market can be researched and developed.

Adam Lang in his usual delusional ratings style will claim promising growth for MSR but we know it’s not the case.

It has rolled along the bottom the ladder in the same range it always does, nothing to be excited about.

Format change needed now, return local radio to Australia’s three largest and most profitable markets - you can make a decent profit with an AM station in each


The Brisbane & Sydney ratings in ranking order.


Nova: 11.5
hit105: 10.9
97.3: 10.7
4MMM: 10.0
4KQ: 9.3
4JJJ: 8.2
ABC Brisbane: 7.8
4BC: 7.6
ABC Classic: 2.8
4RN: 2.6
ABC News: 1.4
MSR: 0.8


2GB: 14.8
Smooth: 10.0
KIIS: 9.3
WSFM: 8.1
ABC Sydney: 7.3
Nova: 7.2
2Day: 5.6
2MMM: 5.5
2JJJ: 3.9
2CH: 3.8
ABC Classic: 3.3
2RN: 2.9
ABC News: 1.8
MSR: 0.8
Sky Sports Radio: 0.4

In the demographics breakdown, in Sydney, it’s interesting to see KIIS overtake WS for the #1 spot in the 40-54s, whilst in the 65+, Smooth overtakes 2CH for the first time ever with double-digit figures.


Jones and Hadley have given 4BC their best result in years.

From Nova Brisbane

Brisbane Survey 3 highlights.


  • Number 1 Breakfast show with Ash, Kip, Luttsy and Susie O’Neill from 6am – 9am (11.7% share)
  • Most listened to Workday Mon-Fri from 9am – 4pm (347,000 cume)
  • Number 1 Drive Show – Kate, Tim & Marty and Fitzy & Wippa from 4pm – 7pm (16% share)
  • Nova 106.9 is most listened to radio station in Brisbane (593,000 cume)

Further on the demographic breakdowns, in the 25-39s in Sydney, JJJ fell to a 6.7% share, levelling that with 2GB! :open_mouth:

The last time JJJ rated this bad in Sydney in the overall ratings was in Survey 8 of 2009, when it also scored a 3.9% share. In that same survey, 702 ABC (as ABC Sydney was known back then) scored a 10.7% share.

As for ABC Sydney, this has been their worst overall result since Survey 1 of 2006, when it scored a 6.9% share, at the time when Virginia Trioli (currently at ABC Breakfast, soon to be ABC Melbourne mornings announcer after Jon Faine retires at the end of the year) took over mornings on 702.

Macquarie group should have left 2ue the way it was before lifestyle it rated better…


Brisbane Triple M brekky seems to be taking a hit now.


KIIS in Sydney is the No.1 station for 40 - 54 year olds.

It looks like the 40 and 50 somethings that grew up with 2SM, Triple M and 2DayFM in the 80s are still enjoying the Top 40 music today.

4KQ, Brisbane is #1 on weekends.

The 4 FMs are in two packs then, Nova/ARN close by in the 11’s too, SCA in the 8’s.

Looking further into the figures, the Brisbane survey suffers from similar methodology collection problems as the rubbery opinion polls that got it wrong this election.

The books have gone to outer suburbs of the survey regions and have been ticked by older people.

This was a survey with a huge increase in older stations listened to by people who live further out of town.

The solution for stations is to build yourself a broad success such as 3AW where you are that far in front in all areas and demos, a shift of the books means little.


Yet another drop in cume audience for “digital” stations everywhere except Brisbane. Seems like the extra DAB+ options are losing their appeal as they have in surveys this year.

Another drop for the networked Myf Warhurst disaster on ABC local radio. The worst share for the stations across any weekday timeslot.

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I suppose it’s not really surprising that 2GB had a ratings increase what with the Federal Election and the NSW Election/Federal Budget in the first half of the survey period. That victory has no doubt been made sweeter (from an MRN perspective, certainly not mine) by the fact that Alan Jones is expected to present 2GB breakfast for at least two more years.

Smooth 95.3 will be pretty happy that they’re again Sydney’s #1 FM station with a double digit figure, but ARN also has something to smile about with KIIS and WSFM being the #1 & #2 FM stations at breakfast.

Rather concerning that ABC Sydney scored their lowest ratings in over 13 years despite all the news that should’ve attracted ears to the station. The only real bright spot for them is Evenings and even then, wasn’t Chris Bath well within striking distance of Steve Price last year or the year before?

A promising sign for 2CH with Chris Kearns’ local nights show getting above the 5% mark. Their breakfast ratings remain flat though. More external promotion for the station (TV, print, outdoor/digital) is needed ASAP.

Re, Macquarie Sports Radio 954: After a fall to 0.5% in the last survey, there was really nowhere for them to go but up. But to remain under 1% (despite what the PR and fanboys will inevitably say) is still absolutely pathetic!


Now we know why every second weekend seems to be a Sizzling Seventies one - must be popular.


Melbourne’s FM 2019 Radio Survey’s 2 & 3 results are showing a trend towards playing straight music without the waffle that provide regular time, weather and traffic reports. Also the FM stations that hire comedians are recording ratings which are declining.


Agree - this abomination should be returned to local radio.

The ABC only cry poor for funding, all the bureaucracy who contribute nothing to on air product sitting in their ivory towers in Ultimo and Southbank (fantastic proximity to latte serving cafes and beloved Green voters) are what really saps the budget of resources with news and programs the first to suffer.

The federal governement should mandate that the cost savings come from these ivory tower fat cats and be shifted to improve on air program teams and newsrooms - it wouldn’t be to their detriment, it’d be soft afternoon content anyway.

With existing funding, what could happen tomorrow is to end the Myf abomination and for metros:

12 PM: The World Today
12:30 PM: Country Hour
1:30 PM: begin afternoons 30 mins early

Regional stations would swap TWT and CH and take 90mins of the metro afternoon program until regional drive at 3pm.

With more funding, the biggest priority should be to return The World Today to 55 mins.

Correct, however great presenter in Bathy and excellent content, develops a very engaged and large audience, lots of audience interaction on their show, excellent structure to it.

Mature Sydney audiences are desperate for an alternative to GB. Kearns is it and doing well. Bfast will struggle because it’s the last shift to fire on a rebuilt station such as this. Smooth is below station average at bfast. More marketing would help, however, a more direct marketing approach towards the target audience I feel would bring better results than billboards and the like.

Dump the format ASAP. The fanboys are delusional if they remain supportive.

Indeed + if ARN are spending money on research like they should for KQ, they would know if it’s the 70’s or the other weekend programming that is contributing to the result.

Ken Brown would be stoked so many are listening to his Coast Watch reports - the most comprehensive you’ll hear in Australia, he’s beyond ‘retirement age’ yet sounds evergreen.


Playing less of the oldies and going back to more fresh hits helped but they still need to do more work there. So far behind Nova Brisbane which has a much better playlist.

It’s a shame that Nova 96.9 can’t see that and stop pandering to the 25-39 year olds with the so many mouldy oldies from the late 90s early 00s.

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I don’t disagree with that, but, what option (i.e. music) is there to be profitable and enough to convince people to switch on AM radio. The easy listening crowd is now lost to Smooth and even 2CH is struggling in that space. What else can Macquarie do, although I acknowledge that just white noise on 24/7 would probably rate the same as MSR gets now.


In fact, Nova 96.9 is beaten by 2Day in the 25-39s, the only demo on which it’s happening. Also, 2Day is ahead of Nova from 9am to 4pm, ie. during the workday.

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