Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 1, 2019

DAB+ survey:

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I had a feeling that Nova 96.9 Sydney was going to take a hit for moving away from fresh hits and playing more greatest hits but this was worse than I thought. :open_mouth:

Crazy for trying to be like 2 Day when that station was so much worse off.


In Sydney, 2GB starts off the new year on top with 13.4%, followed by Smooth at 9.7% (taking out #1 FM status along the way), ABC Sydney at 8.9%, WS at 8.8% & KIIS at 7.7%. Nova fell 2.1% to 6.5%, only 0.6% ahead of 2Day, who went up 0.5% to 5.9%, and 2MMM fell 0.8% to 4.6%, only 0.1% ahead of 2CH, who went up 1.5% to 4.5% under their new “Classic Hits” positioner. MSR fell back below 1% to 0.6% just below that of Sky Sports Radio.

In Melbourne, 3AW is #1 with 14.4%, followed by Fox with 10.4%, Smooth with 9.7% & Gold with 9.4%. 3MMM went up 0.8% to 7.6%, whilst Nova fell 0.2% to 7.3%. JJJ managed to outrate KIIS with a 6.3% share, whilst the latter fell to a 4.8% share. Of the sports stations, SEN fell 0.7% to 2.4%, whilst MSR still lingers at around the zero’s with a 0.3% share.

In Brisbane, Nova takes back the #1 spot with a 12.9% share, followed by 4MMM with 12.4%, 97.3 with 10.4%, hit105 with 10.2% & 4KQ with 9.2%. 4BC fell 1.5% to 5.5%, whilst MSR remained fairly steady at 0.7%.

In Adelaide, Mix 102.3 remains at #1 with a 13.3% share, followed by Nova with 11.2%, hit107 with 9.7%, and 5MMM & ABC Adelaide tied at 9.4%. Cruise rated 8.6%.
And in Perth, Mix 94.5 remains on top at 15.6%, followed by Nova with 12.2%, JJJ with 11%, hit92.9 with 9.4% & 96fm at 7.8%.


MSR had its first increase in Melbourne for a while, thanks to its cricket coverage.
Interestingly, ABC Melbourne dipped by 0.1% from last survey but its sister stations made gains, especially JJJ.
ARN should be worried about KIIS’ performance in Melbourne. 4.8% share has to be one of the lowest audience shares in the history of KIIS and its predecessors Mix 101.1 and TTFM.

Big changes at breakfast in Brisbane with KQ up 2.6% and Nova up 2.9%. 4BC and MMM both down 2.4%

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The Brisbane ratings in ranking order:

  1. Nova: 12.9
  2. 4MMM: 12.4
  3. 97.3: 10.4
  4. hit105: 10.2
  5. 4KQ: 9.2
  6. 4JJJ: 7.8
  7. ABC Brisbane: 6.9
  8. 4BC: 5.5
  9. ABC Classic: 3.0
  10. 4RN: 2.3
  11. ABC News: 1.5
  12. MSR: 0.7

And in Sydney:

  1. 2GB: 13.4
  2. Smooth: 9.7
  3. ABC Sydney: 8.9
  4. WSFM: 8.8
  5. KIIS: 7.7
  6. Nova: 6.5
  7. 2Day: 5.9
  8. 2JJJ: 5.4
  9. 2MMM: 4.6
  10. 2CH: 4.5
  11. ABC Classic: 3.2
  12. 2RN: 2.9
  13. ABC News: 2.3
  14. Sky Sports Radio: 0.7
  15. MSR: 0.6
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Nova really need to rethink their strategy in Sydney.

Trying to sound more like 2Day, Smooth, 2WS was a bad move.

Triple J I think always gets a bump up in survey 1, around Hottest 100 time.

They were 0.1 last survey. Not sure that a lift to 0.3 is of any significance. When numbers are that low they’re fairly meaningless


When will Nine put MSR out of its misery? If airing cricket virtually all Summer didn’t help it grow its audience, I’m not sure if anything will


I agree. Looking at the 25-39 ratings, they were beaten not only by 2Day, but also by JJJ & Smooth.

It’s worth noting that the “Other Stations” ratings on among the 25-39s in Sydney is at 22%, which is up from 13.5% in the last survey of 2018. That’s a big jump of listeners tuning to “Other Stations” such as The Edge 96.1 & Sea FM Central Coast, who play more new music than most of the Sydney-based commercial FM stations.

Not in Sydney, in which JJJ fell 0.4% from the previous survey. JJJ also fell in Brisbane & only had a modest rise in Adelaide. It’s only in Melbourne & Perth which saw JJJ having a “Hottest 100” bump in the ratings this year.

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Ssshhhhh the MSR fanboys will lynch mob you for saying that. :wink:

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Really not surprised by that. For the first time in years (maybe a decade) I’ve switched from listening mostly Nova to listening to mostly The Edge.

I come back to Nova for Breakfast and Drive but often have to mute it or change stations during the music. Their repetitiveness puts me off.

The world’s smallest demographic

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Looking at the breakfast ratings, it’s interesting to see that Smooth’s “More Music Breakfast” outrates WS’s Jonesy & Amanda and Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa.

From 9am to 4pm weekdays and at Weekday Evenings, 2Day outrates Nova.


4BC/MSR are a complete train wreck in Brisbane. 8th and 12th (last) respectively and 4BC not much ahead of ABC Classic FM!

How long before something is done?

Meanwhile the top 6 stations in Brisbane are all music stations. (Well if you include Triple M as a music station)


MSR need a new strategic plan in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. A plan that lets all staff know what the station is aiming for in the coming year. These are three AM licences in large cities. Not to be laughed at. These licences should not be wasted. Look at what 2CH, 4KQ and Cruise have achieved.

If I were in charge I would aim for a 0.8% share in each city by Survey 8, 2019.

Smooth 882/DAB is the only answer in Brisbane.

Look at 4KQ, and also the fact the top SIX stations in Brisbane are music stations. It’s blindingly obvious.


But their plan was to deliberately knock them down, especially 2UE. Mission accomplished I’d say. They’ve literally wiped it off everyone’s radar.

It would actually be cheaper for Macquarie to take them off the air. They are paying all this money on salaries. Flick the switch. Boost profits. Save face. Move on.

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Dead air would rate better. It will be interesting to see what their CEO Adam Lange, the man that shut down 2UE/4BC etc and sacks competent staff comes up with this time. Heads should roll starting from the top!

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