Metro Radio Ratings: Survey 1, 2019


Unfortunately or fortunately Smooth shows that you run a station on a very tight budget like and still rate well. I am sure very profitable too. Congrats to them. They do advertise a lot though, I believe if 2CH advertise more it would head in the right direction too.


I believe Nova in Sydney deserves this result, they have gone away from their heritage of breaking new music. They are now just playing the same old stale past hits every single day. Copying 2Day and kiis is not the answer.

Sydney fm radio has got so bad I now only listen to Triple J, The Edge, and Sea Fm. These stations sound younger and play more new music then Nova does now.

I will say this again Nova 96.9 need to do what they are doing in Brisbane. It will make them stand out from the crowd, and make them sound much hotter. Maybe adopt the positioner fresh hits and throw backs.

Look at the Drive results in Sydney Snooth #1 and look at the massive losses at Night for Smallz. 2day Fm and KIIS are ahead at night probably for the first time ever.

Greatest Hits has got to go, bring back Fresh Hits. I would prefer to hear the newest hits on high rotation every three hours v the crap they are now serving up.


Something surely has to happen given that the company’s pretty much decimated 4 radio stations under their control: 2UE, 1278, 4BH and 4BC… some of that deliberately.


Having done the calculations for the following demographic, it also went up in the 18-24s, from 16.9% last survey to 21.2% this survey. What this basically says is that the local CHR/Hot AC stations moving older are turning off under-40 listeners.
That being said, the CHR/Hot AC stations are not gaining listeners in the 40-54s, in which instead they’re flocking to WS, which went up 4.9% to 16.6%, dominating that demographic.


With the increases in other fm in Sydney for the under 40’s, The Edge Digital went up back to #1 in the DAB+ ratings. A lot of these figures could be people listening on fm.


Howcome Triple M rates well in Brisbane but falls in Sydney and Adelaide?


No Pure Gold & Smooth on FM for a start.

As mentioned before a number of times, if Smooth were on FM in Brisbane, they would be rating at or close to #1 like in Sydney & Melbourne. :slight_smile:


As far as the Sydney market is concerned, it’s probably safe to say that by far the biggest winners are 2GB (even if Alan Jones, Ray Hadley & Steve Price lost some ground, with over 15% they’ll hardly be concerned) and Smooth 95.3 - the latter being Sydney’s #1 station overall at drive with 10.2% and of course, outrating four other commercial FM stations at breakfast which is quite an achievement for what would have to be Sydney’s lowest profile commercial FM breakfast program.

With that big drop for ABC Sydney in the Evening timeslot, are people being turned off by the fact Chris Bath is now presenting the weekend editions of 10 News First? Overall though I think there’ll be some brighter results ahead for them in coming surveys with chatter about the Election(s) and whatnot.

Overall, I’d say that WSFM did OK. A good result in the afternoon with 10.2% listening to Steve Fitton, however Jonesy & Amanda being behind The More Music Breakfast Show on Smooth (even if only slightly) would be a bit of a worry.

The overall fall in ratings for Nova 96.9 are absolutely shocking, KIIS 1065’s are almost as bad but at least they have Kyle & Jackie O to provide a loyal audience at breakfast.

2DayFM will be happy at their healthy ratings increases in the afternoon, drive & evening timeslots but breakfast is still a problem spot. As for their sister station, would it be fair to say that Triple M (now only 0.3% ahead of 2DayFM) was too quick to axe The Grill Team in favour of Moonman in the Morning?

With the recently relaunched “Classic Hits” format on-air for half of this survey, I have to say that the results of Survey #1 2019 are promising for 2CH. All timeslots experienced growth, with breakfast & evenings seeing the biggest improvements while mornings seem to have recovered from the post-Bob Rogers departure fall with Tim Webster scoring nearly 5%. Could be an interesting year for 1170 and in stereo on DAB.

Finally we have to talk about Macquarie Sports Radio. If the ratings of Survey #1 are anything to go by (while far from a fan of the format, I was at least expecting MSR to stay ahead of Sky in Sydney!), I’m fully expecting asterisks for MSR Sydney market by Survey #3 and probably “Withdrawn from Survey” shortly after that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Finally the “damage” Craig Hutchison has done to Pacific Star Network is showing up in SEN’s falling ratings. Same or similar programming on four stations is not going to work!


We need a petition for Nova to start sharing logs from 106.9 across to 96.9.

Leave “Greatest Hits” to the daggy stations.


So do Nova 1069 still have a Fresh Hits format while the other Nova stations have the Greatest Hits format?


Nova106.9 are Greatest Hits - but the feeling I got when listening, is that they have it “because national insists” they have it.

In saying that, they only play the odd “greatest hit” here & there. The majority of their playlist is modern & edgy - a refreshing alternative to hit105.


It’ll be interesting to see how Alan Jones goes back announcing Nova’s playlist in between bagging Gladys and rants about climate change when Lachlan brings him over.


Nova 106.9 have to mention Greatest Hit because that is the National positioner, but that is as far as it goes. The playlist is fresh hits with a couple of throwbacks as they still call them thrown in each hour.
An example of a throwback on Nova 106.9, Polyester Girl by Regeritator.
An example of a Classic Hit on Nova 96.9
Only girl in the World by Rhiana which gets played daily :face_vomiting:


Trying to get my head around the Melbourne results. The only thing that makes sense is KIIS continuing to head south. Make the switch back to TTFM and take Nova head on


2CH changes appear to have really helped them along. MSR falling in Sydney is a big problem for the MSR idea/brand. Getting on or just over that 1% mark at the end of last year in Sydney was at least a small achievement for them. But this survey is a big step backwards. Perhaps they hope the start of the footy seasons may help, but hard to see it. Please bring back Magic 1278.


Because I usually make a note of it, how tonight’s Sydney 6pm TV news bulletins covered the local results of Survey #1.

Seven, predominately focusing on Alan Jones’ future at 2GB with a quick look at the top breakfast shows:

Nine, a quick RVO piece mainly focusing on the usual success of 2GB, Alan Jones and Ray Hadley with brief mentions of Kyle & Jackie O + Smooth FM:


But only 1116 is in the ratings, so how do we know what 1377 rates?


Like a nursing home


7 Brisbane report - it was all about breakfast

Nine’s report mentioned the overall results as well.