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I wonder how they’ll deal with his death on Riverdale. It is quite a significant role isn’t it?


Breathe is such an iconic and legendary song. Ahead of it’s time and still sounds like. A track so ahead of its time RIP


Production has been shut down.


Seeing as they are close to the end of filming the current season and they had to reschedule filming of some of scenes when he first had the stroke, i wonder if they will need to have some major rewrites to cover his absence at the end of the season.

Also, I wonder if this will effect the 90210 mockumentary style spin-off that was planned. It’s going to be really hard for those actors who were still close friends with Luke Perry to be a making a comedy this soon after his death.

He was going to be a part of that show because he was working on Riverdale but apparently he was keen to do guest appearances. I could imagine the storyline in that mockumentary being something like he would have been the one who didn’t want to be part of a 90210 revival because he had a successful career. Or he would be keeping his interests open but always blowing them off when it came to the crunch to commit. I think his death would really affect the premise of that show.

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To many he will always be remembered for his two WWI books, Gallipoli and The Great War.


Former Glee star Lea Michele married clothing company boss Zandy Reich in northern California at the weekend.


Another actor from Beverly Hills 90210 has died.


Jed Allan was better known for his years on Days of Our Lives.


Former Australian tennis player Casey Dellacqua yesterday gave birth to a baby boy named Jesse James Judd. Judd is the last name of Casey’s partner Amanda. Jesse is the couple’s third child.


Poor guy.


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