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Alumni at Crown was officially launched on Tuesday night. Callum, Khanh and Kishwar were there, as well as judges Poh, Andy and Sofia, former contestant Jess Liemantara, chef Guillaume Brahimi, and many others.

Here are the photos from Callum’s Instagram.

Nice promo just aired before tonight’s episode results have been revealed showing one of four who is going home Sunday night :roll_eyes:

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I think it was a one-off, as the four contestants were spread across three losing teams in the relay challenge.

There was no one from the winning team in the promo.

Not only that, why are they showing only an option of four contestants when the the whole rest of the comp will be competing Sunday night?

Synopses for season 16 week 5 episodes - Food Trend Week

Sunday 19 May
The ingredient gamble is back and so is Luke Nguyen. Luke has brought in an array of Southeast Asian ingredients our contestants get to cook with in today’s two round elimination challenge.

Monday 20 May

Vincent Yeow Lim or DimSimLim is today’s Mystery Box special guest. Contestants must create a dish using a wok, needing to impress to avoid tomorrow’s Pressure Test.

The promo shows him making flying lobster noodles.

Tuesday 21 May
The punk princess of pastry, Anna Polyviou returns with a Pressure Test created especially for this challenge. Never has an egg on toast looked so intimidating as Anna’s Sunny Side Up.

Wednesday 22 May
The judges task our contestants to create an immunity worthy dish in 75 minutes, using one of their four microwave hacks.

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Is there no masterclass this year??

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Has that ever happened before where a contestant accidently uses another’s components to plate up their dish?

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First time I’d reckon in MCAU history

It’s very rare, but I am sure it has happened before.

There was a sneak peek of this on MasterChef’s Instagram account this afternoon.

I don’t think there were any last year either? Given they’ve gone to 4 episodes a week I would say it’s unlikely that we get any. They have kind of incorporated some into the challenges anyway, like last night each judge showed a technique of how to make something in a microwave. Each dish then had to use one of these techniques. It looks like there might be a similar thing next week with the TikTok star on the show.

That was kind of hilarious. Lucky it wasn’t an elimination challenge.

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I’ve often thought of mishaps that might happen that we never see; but I didn’t imagine that this would be a possibility. If it was an elimination challenge it would have meant some sort of disqualification.

Synopses for season 16 week 6

Sunday 26 May
Inspired by a visit from viral sensation Mikiko Terasaki, contestants must creatively use eggs in a dish to avoid elimination.

Monday 27 May
A mystery box challenge with a saucy twist. The cooks must use at least one of six Asian sauces to cook a showstopping dish, with the bottom four headed for tomorrow’s pressure test.

Tuesday 28 May
MasterChef legend Darren Purchese returns with another diabolical dessert, which will spell the end of the competition for one talented cook.

Wednesday 29 May

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