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I can’t wait for the next season of Masterchef to start

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Wouldn’t be surprised if Ten start airing MasterChef promos not long into ■■■■■■■■.

I mean MKR started a month ago…

Can’t wait for MasterChef either, such a favourite & quailty show!!


Don’t forget the most recent season is currently on repeat on One on weekdays, in early afternoon. Still not sure it is broadcast in HD.

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At times it looks like it is, but other times it doesn’t. Not sure…


Nigella Lawson has arrived in Melbourne (according to her Twitter) ahead of her week-long appearance on the new season of MasterChef, as well as her national tour promoting her new cookbook and TV show Simply Nigella.


Nigella is a great get for the show this year. There’s also the addition of viewers being able to select ingredients for a Mystery Box and to submit recipes for a MasterClass. Can’t wait to see what else is in store for this season. :grin:


Well yeah, I guess it’s better than watching all their contestants go crazy with excitement at cooking for the chef from the Asian takeaway down the road.


The British viewers of MCA on Digital Spy were less than impressed when they heard Nigella was appearing in the next series. I don’t think there was a single positive comment. They disparage Marco’s antics as well and don’t understand what Aussies see in him to have him back every year.


I saw those comments. I don’t understand why they dislike Marco so much. I’d rather have Marco over Gary and George. He’s always encouraging, helpful and offers wisdom. Gary and George can get way too snarky and play favourites sometimes.


Marco is fantastic. The week he does is always one of my favourites.

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I don’t see why there’s any nagativity towards anything (from an Aussie perspective)?

Everyone still talks about how fantastic last year was & it’s ratings were much deserved, including the Grand Final. I did read how it’s extremely popular in the UK, probably due to Matt Preston as well, etc.

Hoping MasterChef will be even better this year :slight_smile:


He hasn’t really done a lot in the UK. Its popular in the UK because there is large population of Australian’s that live there. We used to watch it all the time when I lived there.

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I hardly think the large number of Australian visitors is going to influence a country of 64million. The Brits discover bits of Australian television and embrace it. If anything, it’s probably the popularity of Neighbours that might have created interest in Aussie Masterchef.

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Its not like it has a huge following. Its a very niche following on a cable channel.


Most episodes in the UK get 200-300k viewers. All the online comments I see are from home-grown Brits, not Aussie ex-pats.

The UK Watch channel really screwed their viewers this time, showing the semi and final on a Sat & Sun for the first time all series. The series link for recording also broke at that point, and they didn’t repeat those two eps either, after previously repeating each week’s episodes on Saturday afternoon.


How is that screwing viewers?

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the biggest viewing nights in the UK.

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Because for 12 weeks they had shown it Monday to Friday only, so suddenly switching to the weekend for the last and two biggest episodes was naturally going to catch out many regular viewers. Added to the broken series link, no repeats and no online catch-up it was the perfect storm. I’m still seeing tweets to Watch asking what happened to the last two episodes.


Who cares, MasterChef Australia has been airing for 8 years (this year) & UK would be very familiar with the show.

Just remember 2010’s ratings in Australia, ridiculous!

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[quote=“LukeMovieMan, post:19, topic:366, full:true”]
Who cares, MasterChef Australia has been airing for 8 years (this year) & UK would be very familiar with the show. Just remember 2010’s ratings in Australia, ridiculous![/quote]
Huh? What’s that got to do with Brits criticising Brit chefs on the show or the British networks shifting the screening night for the final episodes?