Married at First Sight

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Wasn’t something like this already announced, or speculated some time ago?

I seem to recall some connection with 9honey also? Maybe I’m imagining things :man_shrugging:t3:


This has already been reported over on TVTonight and posted above. The panel show is set to be called Sweet spot and is the first local commission for 9Life and set to air in a 9pm timeslot. Also complimentary content to be included on 9honey.


I’m sure this was announced as airing on 9Life?


Significant advertising program on radio this week for MAFS. Have heard an advert every break during Brisbane breakfast radio this week and significant regional campaign as well.



Thursday 1 February at 9.00pm



To coincide with the launch of the new series of Married at First Sight, Nine will premiere Talking Married, a half-hour weekly chat show giving MAFS fans all the inside goss on their favourite program.

Talking Married will launch immediately after Married at First Sight on Thursday, February 1, at 9.00pm and continue weekly on 9Life and 9Now.

Hosted by presenter Jayne Azzopardi, Talking Married will be the new show all Married at First Sight fans will turn to for behind-the-scenes gossip, exclusive interviews and never-before-seen clips from Australia’s most talked about reality show.

Talking Married is the first television production for Australia’s leading women’s lifestyle network, 9Honey.

Jayne will be joined by 9Honey’s lifestyle presenter and columnist Shelly Horton and last season’s unlucky MAFS bride, Cheryl Maitland, who has since gone on to find true love.

Jayne Azzopardi said: “I’m a big fan of MAFS. I’ve analysed previous seasons of the show in great detail with my girlfriends so I can’t wait to do it with Shelly and Cheryl for Talking Married. I’m also busily planning my own wedding, which hopefully will be pulled off with much less drama because I already know and love the groom.”

9Honey Network Editor and the show’s Executive Producer, Kerri Elstub, said: “Talking Married is our first major TV production. Our audience love Married at First Sight. They can’t get enough of our online content, so making a TV show will allow us to keep the conversation going and going.

“Jayne, Shelly and Cheryl will have all the gossip, cast interviews and exclusive clips you can’t see anywhere else.”

Talking Married will debut straight after Married at First Sight on Thursday, February 1, on 9LIfe. It will then go to air weekly following the last MAFS episode of the week.


Georgie is not doing the narration this year.


Nine Announces Commercial Partners For Married At First Sight

Nine has named four commercial partners for Married at First Sight, with major brands KFC, HotelsCombined, Youfoodz and all partnering in the 2018 season of Australia’s most ground-breaking social experiment.


Just Saw an South Australian ad for Tonight’s Show promoting a Crows Fan marrying a Power Fan, The Showdown Of all Marriages.


The first episode of “Talking Married” is on air on 9Life.




Four couples from the show will be at Melbourne’s St Kilda Festival this Sunday (February 11) to greet fans.
Patrick and Charlene from 1-3pm
Mel and John from 2:30-4pm
Sarah and Telv from 3-5pm
Mat and Alycia from 4-6pm


While Stratford, Aiken and Schilling all have degrees in psychology, they’re on MAFS to make the matches, provide commentary on what unfolds, and not much more.

It’s not their role to intervene or cast judgments on the couples.

They do offer a little relationship advice on-air, but “the show’s experts, although highly qualified, only have an on-air role,” said MAFS production company Endemol Shine Australia.

The real mental health heavy lifting is left to a dedicated show psychologist who works off camera.

She met all participants before shooting started, is on call 24/7, and is usually present at dinner parties and commitment ceremonies.


This episode makes no sense. Carly is sending Justin messages through iMessage (iPhone) but he’s receiving and sending them back on a Samsung? I’m confused.


Apparently application is already open for the next season.


Go for it! We’d like to see an insider’s view of this.


Nine have a special 2 minute promo to hype up Grand Finale week


I realize Nine has a serious addiction problem regarding over exaggeration and their need to promote every episode of every show they air as the greatest/biggest/(insert adjective here) thing ever. However, they’ve out done themselves with this ridiculous promotional email they sent out today:


After tonight’s episode, I can say that email is pretty accurate.


I highly, highly, highly doubt that:

  • a) As long as you live, there’ll never be four nights of television which is ‘better’ than MAFS’ finale week (ie; this week of MAFS is the ‘pinnacle’ of not just reality TV but TV as a medium) and;
  • b) As long as you live, no other reality TV show’s finale week will be ‘greater’ than what MAFS is delivering this week



Married at First Sight has delivered Nine its best start in several years, dominating the key 7.30pm timeslot and posting significant audience growth across both television and digital.

Across the network share, Married at First Sight (MAFS) has given Nine its best ever start to the ratings year among 16-39s and Grocery Buyers, while among 25-54s it is the best start to the year since 2004. Among Total People it is the best start to the year for the network since 2010.

“This season Married at First Sight has become the national obsession, emerging as a cross-platform juggernaut that owned the conversation.” said Hamish Turner, Nine’s Program Director. “On linear we’ve seen significant growth in raw numbers year-on-year across all the key demos and even higher multiples in the digital space. We saw increased engagement across every platform driven by the truly great content.”

Full release here incl national audience numbers that can’t be posted