Married at First Sight

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Here we go, the usual outspoken contestant trying to stay in the limelight…

Pretty obvious the whole show is scripted. Those ‘experts’ at the dinner parties are not actually watching it live on the TV in another room. They are actually looking at a green screen TV while being fed lines.


I’ve had the misfortune of watching a large portion of this season - it’s obvious that there was a call to extend out the show a few weeks, the last probably dozen episodes were dragged out to the point my housemate watched about 5 minutes of them and fast forwarded the rest


I am so sorry for your loss.


So did anyone emerge from the show as the next host of 2Day FM breakfast or contestant on I’m a Celebrity?


Cheryl would be great for I’m A Celeb. Throw in Scarlett too.


Contestants on The Block?


Unbelievable news - how can this be?


I See NZ are gonna Premiere their own version of MAFS Tonight at 7:00 NZDT/5:00 AEDT on Three, If you’re lucky to find the Stream to Three, Watch it Live.


Expanding the show or ruining it?


Now that was one hell of a promo!


More reality show dirty tricks revealed.


Brisbane socialite on Married at First Sight

CHANNEL 9 has finally confirmed Brisbane socialite Davina Rankin will appear in the next season of Married At First Sight, revealing the first look at the blushing bride in an extended promo that started airing this week.

The model, designer and personal trainer, who has more than 244,000 Instagram followers, will be one of 20 people looking for love on next year’s season of the show.


New promo aired during the cricket today with the slogan “leap of faith”.


I shake my head to think a show like this has been a success.

I might be somebody whois desperate to find love too, but I’m not that desperate that I would go on national television and get faux married to a complete stranger


Just saw a promo which featured former The Amazing Race Australia contestant Sarah Roza as one of the participants. Immediately makes me call into question her motives for going on the show.


Nine copping criticism for the current promos and casting choice

These decisions show that Channel 9 are willing to prioritise the ratings that come with a dramatic, ‘explosive’ (read: potentially abusive) pairing over eradicating misogyny, sexism, and sexual harassment.

Providing a platform for this kind of damaging and ethically void behaviour - particularly so quickly after the news that the network had been housing and promoting an alleged abuser for decades - is morally bankrupt, and a decision that the Nine Network should be ashamed of.


I wonder if Nine are purposely trying it to get publicity because it’s in the news and whether it will backfire or fuel ratings.


Not a good look.


Married at First Sight

Premieres Monday 29 January 2018

Australia’s most controversial social experiment is back bigger and more explosive than ever in 2018: the groundbreaking Married at First Sight.

Once again our expert matchmakers – relationship expert John Aiken, neuropsychotherapist Dr Trisha Stratford, and dating and relationship expert Mel Schilling – put relationships to the test in a unique experiment designed to determine if science can predict true love in couples who will get married at first sight.

The experts will undertake the mammoth task of pairing 20 brave singles to create their perfect match as 10 brides and 10 grooms undergo the most intense experiment yet.

The experts will match all our couples on the basis of extensive psychological and neurological testing and profiling.

Each couple meet for the first time on their wedding day, and from the moment they exchange vows their relationships are thrust under a microscope as they experience the highs and lows of marriage at full speed – alongside other couples riding the same rollercoaster.

Once again, the couples will reside under the same roof as relationships are tested like never before.

They’ll get the chance to compare their experiences at often explosive dinner parties – and put their relationships to the test at the most confronting commitment ceremonies we’ve ever seen.

But while some couples will struggle with all the complexities an intense relationship experiment brings, others will find true joy as their fairytale blossoms from first glance.

10 brides. 10 grooms. 10 weddings. Who will find true lasting love?

From promo


There are rumours circulating that Nine is considering an after-show panel discussion program to accompany Married at First Sight which will serve as a platform for cast members, relationship experts and fans to dissect the highs and lows of the couples lives as they get to know each other following their instant marriage.

Expect the Nine talkfest to follow a similar format to AMC’s successful live post-show accompaniments to The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul, Talking Dead and Talking Saul which are both fronted by Chris Hardwick.