Married at First Sight

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Really? Big call. I think any other four nights are better


Amd the block rated higher last year didnt it? Potentially will happen again.


That’s not my view - I was asking Wally that after what he said


Sorry I should have read that better.


Married at First Sight could be the first TV show in Australia to have the “triple threat” - excellent TV audience (averaging 1 million per episode), huge catch-up numbers (VPM rating of 200,000 or above) and massive following / interactions on social media. It sets an example for shows for years to come.


Guess I’m just going to sell my TV then…


… a spin-off series in the works featuring shock new couples Tracey Jewel and Sean Thompson, and Carly Bowyer and Troy Delmege!


Reacting to the news


Nine are really going to milk everything they can out of the last batch of MAFS contestants aren’t they??


This season of MAFS has posted a new ratings record for Three in New Zealand, which aired the show just days after Nine.


Zoe and Alex from first season of MAFS have announced their separation.


Pay TV channel Lifetime Asia has picked up the rights to the recent fifth season, and is showing it on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from this week, after the current season of MasterChef Australia.


ProSiebenSat.1, the German media company that ultimately owns Married at First Sight, has purchased US based dating website eHarmony, having previously purchased the German dating website Parship Elite.

I wonder if eHarmony could emerge as a sponsor of the next Australian series?


2019 promo shown tonight


Among the new cast are some very familiar faces including Professional cricketer Cameron Merchant, Home and Away extra Sam Ball and First Dates star Dino Hira.


Anyone think that this show will reach new heights next year? I hate the show but sadly it will probably rate above 1.5 Million per episode, especially with the tennis on Nine appealing to similar demographics.

Or it might go 180 degrees the other way and fall below 1 Million thanks to the influx of 'love’shows between earlier this year and next year.


I hope not it’s pure rubbish


Personally, I f***ing hope not. All so-called “reality” programs bare little resemblance to actual reality but the dating/relationship/wedding shows disgust me the most. When will the general public finally wake up to these massive con jobs which are quite often more about people trying to boost their media profiles than actually finding love?! But that’s me digressing again.

As you rightly pointed out, unfortunately I wouldn’t be overly surprised if MAFS reaches new highs. The show rated well this year without it, but I think the benefit of constant promotion during the tennis might help it to become an MKR-killing ratings monster for Nine.

Fingers crossed that’s exactly what will happen but of course, I wouldn’t hold my breath over it!


In reality, the only reality shows that I watch is The Block and Ambulance (the former because there’s not much else appealing at the time, the latter because it’s actually realistic). MAFS is one of the worst out there.


Oh well, in reality, you need to get a hobby. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: