Love Island Australia

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The hottest bombshell head-turners will be joining the cast when Love Island Australia returns for a fifth season on Monday, October 30, at 6.00pm AEDT on 9Now.

The girls hold the power, however it doesn’t stop with the OGs. You may recognise Lucinda Strafford, who was a star bombshell in a UK Love Island series. She is the first UK ex-Islander to be part of an Australian series, and is about to shake up the quest for love.

Reid and Kale from the Gold Coast will enter full speed ahead. Reid has the largest social media following of all the male Islanders this season and Kale has a unique look we haven’t seen before on Love Island Australia.

The Villa will be rocked to its core when Kirra realises who bombshell Abby is. She was seeing her sister’s husband on Married at First Sight, Harrison Boon, and caused drama at their wedding.

Alex Mavroidakis, Creative Director of ITV Studios Australia, said: “If you want to kick start your summer with loads of drama, loads of LOLs and more sexy bods than you can shake a bikini at, then Love Island Australia is the place for you! This season is so unexpected, so exciting, so funny and SO noisy and there is more than one world-first. It’s only fair to warn all Australians … proceed with caution … watch one episode of Love Island Australia and you WILL be hopelessly hooked!”

You won’t be able to get enough of the love, the drama or the tears in the unmissable new series of Love Island Australia.

Meet the new hot singles.

Brighton, UK
Influencer and Online Fashion Boutique Owner

“This time I want someone to be obsessed with me, and me only.”

Gold Coast, QLD
Personal Trainer and Model

“I may have slept with some of my personal training clients before… maybe.”

Gold Coast, QLD

“I look like a bad boy, but I am actually the best boyfriend. I like taking girls out for dates and doing fun spontaneous stuff.”

Sydney, NSW
Makeup Artist

“My longest relationship was a year and a half. But they all cheated, so not much luck. Maybe it’s because I’ve gone for men over 30, and I need to change that.”

Love Island Australia is produced by ITV Studios Australia for the 9Network.


Love Island week of 6 November - all on 9Go!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8.30pm
Thursday 9:00 pm

I’ve Got A Text With Josh and Flex
Thursday 11:15 pm

A new spin off, Love Island Games, starts tomorrow in the US with returning islanders from the US, UK and AUS versions. Does anyone know if 9NOW will have this show?

If I was a betting man, I’d say they’ve absolutely got this since they have all other versions, they’re just doing viewers dirty by not wanting to put it up against the local version since it’s only just launched and will premiere it after on 9Now.

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I’d be happy to watch both simultaneously lol.

I think most people would, hasn’t stopped Binge for example running with RHOS locally when the highly anticipated Beverly Hills has just returned too - viewers are capable of watching both or more.

Old school thinking from a traditional media company, but it’s just my theory. It would make sense for them to have had first right to pick it up for their library.

Guess we’ll soon see.

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We are also currently watching The Amazing Race USA and The Amazing Race: Celebrity Edition concurrently right now.

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But that involves rival channels (same with Survivor US on 9Now, and Survivor UK on 10Play)

Sponsors falling in love with a digital first Love Island Australia proposition

Have we got a text for you! As viewers fall in love with season five of Love Island Australia, sponsors are experiencing why it’s one of the hottest shows in the world for brands connecting with hard-to-reach younger audiences.

With 80% of last year’s audience watching Love Island Australia on 9Now, a digital first Total TV sponsorship package that mirrors consumption has resulted in brands experiencing first hand the benefits of a proposition combining the best of broadcast with the best of digital to deliver a full funnel solution.

As the sexy singles continue to flirt up a storm in the Mallorcan villa, a new era of brand sponsorship is providing clients – including Google Pixel 8 Pro and PepsiCo’s newest Sparkling Water brand bubly – with all of the usual brand building entitlements typically found in a broadcast sponsorship, such as premium placement, frequency management, exclusivity and integration, however, delivery is occurring majority on 9Now.

9Now Commercial Director, Tina Andrew, said: “Love Island Australia allows us to showcase a true digital first approach, with brands experiencing what TV sponsorship provides, but with the addition of premium slate online inventory, and the benefits of demo targeting, frequency capping of their campaigns reducing wastage and stretching value.”

“It’s a reverse approach based on the nature of the audience and is something we’ll be seeing more of in the future.”

With the Islanders being able to receive texts and keep their influencer dreams alive on Google Pixel 8 Pro mobile phones and charging stations, there is bubly brand and product integration, including bubly inspired games and a bubly-themed villa pool party. The sponsorship allows for extensive use of IP across the brands’ owned channels, and bespoke social content filmed with islanders shot in the villa.

Joanna Barnes, National Head of Investment, PHD, said: “The 9Now Love Island sponsorship provides a fully integrated solution for clients and a commercial model that is reflective of that. Great to see Nine advancing their digital offering and commercial partnerships as we accelerate ahead and make bold strides in the Total TV proposition.”

Nine’s director of content partnerships and client experience, Sarah Stewart, said: “Love Island is a unique format giving clients deep integration within a highly entertaining format that speaks to a very specific audience demographic, delivered at scale. Our viewers are highly engaged and savvy consumers, offering brands like bubly and Google Pixel a fantastic opportunity to deliver their message direct to these consumers.”

The advancement in digital first trading has resulted in the growth of digital enhancements, including addressability, dynamic creative optimisation, sequential messaging and conversion products, to leverage the data 9Now’s digital platform provides.

Love Island Australia is available for streaming on 9Now, dropping at 6pm AEDT every Monday to Thursday, with episodes screening on 9GO!

Episode 1 of Love Island has now hit 170,000 viewers in catch-up BVOD and yesterday’s episode had a live BVOD audience of 66,000. The show now settles into a 9Go! timeslot on linear TV but last night’s ratings were very poor so it might not be a good result for the 9Go share that is usually quite competitive. Perhaps a later timeslot would be better and not inconvenience fans. Ratings are so close between Seven and Nine, it could cost Nine a week.

Why post that? The series hasn’t aired here yet.

Sorry about that.

I won’t be surprised if 9Now streams Love Island Games after this season of Love Island Australia concludes, as a Christmas treat.

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I’m thinking you’re right. Would ease in nicely to the UK version airing in January which they always fast track.

Not a fan of tonight’s episode.

What is there to gain by showing them those videos? Yeah drama I get it but it’s not cool. That’s relationship destroying shit.

Man I hate producer inference.

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Very nasty and selective.

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They do this every season on Love Island UK. Its the thing a lot of people look forward to every year.

I for one am glad that the other islanders are finally seeing what a nasty person Zac is.

I just think it’s dirty. The whole premise of the show, allegedly, is for these to people to find love.

By doing this they’re actively trying to break couples up.

It’s dirty and I didn’t like it at all.

Poor Savannah though. I really felt for her at the end there.