Long distance television

Fantastic info, thanks for sharing. I could just see two towers on the aerial image so presumed one was either side of the border to meet the requirements. In reality being right on the border it could as you say send one signal north and one south, and the other may be mobile.

In terms of power, the ACMA document gives the GC services 1kW ERP horizontal and the Murwillumbah services 500W vertical, both directional. Given that the NSW regionals run different time zones/channels into QLD I presume they run off separate antennas too (same as the QLD stations)?

Not sure if it’s accessible to the public there but I should go check it out one day. I’ve been to Best of All Lookout just to the west a couple of times but never Bilborough.


The regional techs would probably understand the program arrangments at Springbrook better than me - most low power sites get program off-air from a high power site fed by fibre or microwave from their playout system. Presumably the Murwillumbah stations would be off-air from Mt Nardi.

A interesting feature at the Springbrook mobile hut was a huge 4m scrub Python that lived there - it must have got water from the air conditioning condensation - it followed a tech in the door one night and refused to leave when he finished. TV hut had a big red-belly under it too.


It’s an SFN with Mt Nardi, so can’t see how.

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I haven’t been there since the analog got turned off so there may actually be fibre in Springbrook now - the old analogs were definitely fed off Mt Nardi. They may have also re-configured the site for the Restack so the digital may have changed since then too such as antenna configurations. The TxA and BAI techs would have documentation and would be the only source of truth.


Some people in that area can get both with one antenna if they are in a good signal spot and have a good antenna

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Yeah Springbrook (Murwillumbah) is a low powered transmitter designed to fill in the Mt Nardi black spots. I’m in Banora and I use Springbrook for Northern NSW channels instead of Mt Nardi cause the hill to the south of me blocks it.


Back to the original question, what transmitter should I use, Springbrook or Mt Nardi/Currumbin? *

*P.S Can mods please edit this to turn into a poll? Thank you :slight_smile:

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  • Springbrook
  • Mt Nardi/Currumbin

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Mt Nardi and Springbrook (vertical) carry Lismore stations. Springbrook (horizontal), Currumbin, & Mt Tambourine carry GC and Brisbane stations. As for where you should aim your antenna on Thursday it really depends on how the signal is from each transmitter we can’t really vote on that.


And most importantly, what side of the hotel you are on… if you are on the east side, you will have a lot of trouble getting Springbrook, as that is west. Same is likely to be true for other sides of the hotel, eg it will be very hard to get Mt Nardi if you are on the northern side.

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Because of the SFN, you may end up not really being sure where the signals are coming from, just that you can receive them.


Hi everyone:

Just an update on the channels. I have got the Lismore channels on my set top box but not the Gold Coast ones. This may be because the signal might be pointed towards Mt Nardi or because of the different polarisation, as it glitched when turned vertically but when I made it horizontal it worked.

Haven’t tried the Gold Coast channels yet, but will try soon.