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Moving (ha) this to a new topic.


She turned down Queanbeyan. Katoomba was also another of my suggestions but that was turned down as it’s too far from Sydney city.

I’m looking towards Woden Valley in Canberra to live but I’m not 100%. Safety/Crime is my top priority no matter how irrational it gets (especially with how safe Canberra apparently is).

In terms of Melbourne I was looking around the Belgrave area since I like the idea of a leafy area. I have much less of a clue about how suburbs are in Melbourne except that Frankston and St Kilda are bad.

Parts of Queanbeyan are a bit rough but it’s nothing like it used to be. The ‘Struggle Town’ image is well and truly disappearing. Jerrabomberra is pretty affluent. Parts of Woden are actually quite nice such as around Mawson/Farrer. I have been to all of Canberra’s suburbs and liked them the best, due to their leafy outlooks. Gungahlin is basically like western Sydney with its McMansions and sprawl, yuk.

You probably know that public housing in Canberra is scattered throughout each suburb; there are no real pockets of disadvantage like you find in western Sydney. I have been told that Oaks Estate (ACT side of Queanbeyan) bucks this policy a little bit so perhaps avoid that area.

If I have to move to Melbourne in the future I will be looking at Ballan, Gordon or Trentham :slight_smile: I am never going back to Sydney, period.

Woden is perhaps my favourite part of Canberra. Along with having a leafy outlook, it is quite hilly, which includes wonderful views of the Brindabella mountains. The light rail is set to extend from Civic (Canberra CBD) to Woden in a few years time.

My family used to have a friend that lived in Woden around 20 years ago, who lived in Tuggeranong (outer southern suburbs) for about a decade before that. That friend moved from Sydney in 1990, and left Canberra for the Gold Coast in 2001.

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I’ve only really heard negative things about Belconnen, Tuggeranong and Dickson but I feel like it’s still not as bad as Sydney. Looking at the crime statistics head to head for 2019, the ACT is much lower.

I just had a laugh when I realised that ACT’s crime statistics includes traffic infringements, that skews things a little.

Ahh yes, didn’t Deborah Hutton present that show? Oh sorry, wrong Location Location! :wink:

Especially with everything happening at the moment, I have no plans to leave Sydney in the foreseeable future. That’s not to say I wouldn’t be up for a move somewhere else if the right opportunity ever came up, but that seems highly unlikely.

Gold Coast developer Azzura unveils 108-storey Southport supertower

When complete, the main tower would be the tallest in the Southern Hemisphere, beating the recently announced Orion Towers, a 103-level complex planned for Surfers Paradise.

And it’s now also officially Australia’s second-cheapest of all its eight capital cities for homes, with a median house price of just $441,100 – and a stampede of inquiries from Sydney and Melbourne buyers keen to snap up a bargain.

I would live around Adelaide if it had a town above 1000 m ASL; this would make the heatwaves easier to take. Snow would be a thing, too. The Adelaide Hills have a good climate in winter- though mostly snowless- but are too low to escape the heat in summer and are very fire prone.

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i will try and not to be to polictical here but i think stage 3 of easing ristricitons have happned and sa finally opens theres borders to vic people will leave victoria to live else where

@dxnerd :slight_smile:

Speaking of locations, does anyone recognise the locstion of this weather shot used in the Nine Sydney bulletin tonight? Somewhere off the coast of Sydney I’m guessing, but I can’t tell where…

I think this is taken off around Freshwater/Curl Curl, pointing towards North Head. The tower shown in the distance is the North Head TV translator that serves Manly/Mosman.


Ah thanks! I wondered what that tower was.

i’m not suprised. Covid has shown a lot of jobs don;t need to be in cities. i know with my job we have gone to a 2 days in the office 3 work form home split and if we want we can stay at home


Experts suggest housing price bubbles that have popped up in Sydney regions in the past 20 years may be a thing of the past as immigration slows and COVID-19 lifestyle changes prompt people to move away from the city.

The number of vacant rental properties in the Blue Mountains hit ten-year lows in August dropping to just 49 vacancies or 0.7 percent. On the Central Coast, there were just 331 vacant rentals in August, a rate of 0.7 percent, the lowest on SQM Research records dating back to 2005.

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