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97.3 FM’s Bianca Dye has been off-air this past week, after suffering a miscarriage.

The co-host of 97.3FM’s Bianca, Mike and Bob show, who was nine weeks into her pregnancy following the first cycle of IVF with partner Jay Sandtner, 44, was off-air this week after doctors confirmed on Tuesday she had suffered a miscarriage.


I know from friends’ bitter experience, every year over 40 is a crashing curve of diminishing returns for IVF success and a rapidly increasing rate of sadness, frustration and conflict for each couple.


Yes very true


According to Radioinfo, there’s currently a series of TV ads for KIIS 1011’s Jase & PJ that targets on Fox & Nova listeners.

See them here:


Not the best idea considering today’s survey results for KIIS vs. Nova & Fox.


KIIS 1065 in Sydney was celebrating their 5th birthday on Saturday at the Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel.

Source: Radioinfo


A bit odd they celebrated the name change two months late.


They might’ve had to postpone it due to the MAFS cast.


Find a different crowd of rent-a-nobodies in that case.


There’s a shockingly cheap TVC for 973 that’s begun airing.

I don’t have the equipment, @TV.Cynic, would you be able to upload? Was on evening FTA TV on a main channel, 7 or 9.


This one?

It’s the same as the KIIS one that ran earlier in the year in Sydney. Both are bad