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A new adverting campaign for KIIS 1065 launched tonight.

Pretty good commercial was launched during My Kitchen Rules.


KIIS 1065 have launched a new night show.

Mitch To Midnight Live: 9pm - 12am weeknights.


Is that just in Sydney? Or in Melbourne as well…

Does that mean their nights line up is now:
6-7 K&J Hour of Power
7-9 Jase and PJ Replay
9-12 Mitch Live


Yep. On air in Melbourne.

I’d have switched Jase & Pj with Mitch though. It’s sounding good. Very Lowie type…

I’d have:
6pm Kyle and Jackie O
7pm Mitch Live
10pm Jase & PJ


Yeah it makes sense, especially when Mitch still does stuff with Kyle and Jackie O’s competitions in the morning


I guess they’re testing him out and may do exactly that very soon.


Means three male shows on the CHRs at Night…
Danny Lakey, Smallzy, Mitch and not to mention Tom and Olly on Triple M


So what?


Plus Cameron Daddo on Smooth.

Though there’s always Chris Bath on ABC Local Radio in NSW.
She’s a good listen.


So… I sorta miss Ash London Live going till 11. 6 30 is just an awkward time to listen.


Celeb HQ is out. :+1:



Now we need some night jocks on the Pure Gold stations


I saw the new KIIS 1065 commercial quite a few times last night during MAFS.


Isn’t 2DayFM running a code word promo during MAFS as well?


And Nova now have a million dollar song competition. They are running with the byline “Your million dollar station”. :roll_eyes: Just no originality in radio these days. They all copy each other.


KIIS have reacted to Nova and 2Day having Saturday breakfast shows by having Kyle and Jackie O rpts this morning.


They got a good deal with their insurer, so what, these one in… comps are a yawn.

They’ve needed to be live at night for years now. Dunc and DB should have begun with when K&J were recruited. They didn’t. Slack, lazy and cheap.

Used to be live in Brisbane, ‘Newman’s Nightclub’ and a great result consistently in the ratings too.


Cass & Bodge from Hit Mid North Coast speak with Kyle Sandilands.