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I didn’t say it was wrong. Fox are doing the same in Melbourne, IMO though it’s a mouthful to say on air…

Same, I think Kyle might have mentioned it after they won Survey 1 2014. But for the last four years it’s just been ‘Kyle and Jackie O in the morning. Non Stop Hits All Day.’ Are they using the slogan in RDS?


slightly disingenuous considering NOVA play fewer new hits these days and 2Day are Hot AC.


So they are “Sydney’s only hit music station”?


Yes, it’s in the RDS.


KIIS must be spending a lot promoting Kyle & Jackie O all over Sydney.


From Radioinfo:

Shane Lowe has returned to his home of Perth and will join the team at 96FM as Breakfast anchor, working alongside Paul Hogan and Lisa Fernandez.

Shane comes to 96FM Breakfast with 20 years of radio and television experience, most recently in Adelaide where he spent almost a decade hosting Nova’s Lewis & Lowe with Hayley Pearson Breakfast radio show.

Read more at:


I swear they only update Jackie in the pictures… I’m sure they’ve had this one of Kyle since the launch in 2014… or possibly the major adverts they put out in early 2016.


Because he’s twice as fat and looks heaps older now?



Wednesday 30th January - Yumi Stynes is back on the 3pm Pick Up.


Where else would she be? Or has been?


Wasn’t on the show the day before, following the KAK controversy.


Why not? Too tiring for her?


There isn’t enough hours in the day for Yumi to out anyone and everyone as racist. :rofl:


KIIS Melbourne giving out $5m cash to a lucky winner.
Biggest price in radio history apparently.


Phwoar. This is gonna be hard to beat, will be interesting to see how Fox & Nova counter this


KIIS Sydney doing the same. I doubt Bris and Ade are taking part.


One finalist has a chance to win $5 million. They have to correctly pick 1 of 200 envelopes to win it.


I remember in the 80s when 2UE gave away a million bucks. The winner won $50 000 a year for 20 years. Lucky for 2UE the winner was quite old.

If MSR gave away cash I would definately listen. Call in during one of their shifts that rates an asterisk. You would be guaranteed to win.


I remember Matt & Jo on The Fox doing a competition for $1,000,000 in around 2011-2012. I think it was called ‘head in the sand’ or something like that, someone did win it.

From memory it was promoted then as the largest cash prize on Melbourne radio. I think that Triple M are doing a $1,000,000 competition as well, but $5,000,000 is a lot of money and completely new territory.