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Did they say that on air?


Dunc and DB love them, what were you worrying of?


Heard it during an ad earlier in the day saying that they were returning in 2019.


Yes. It’s called ‘radio’.


Tell that to Star 104.5 on the NSW Central Coast who just become No 1 in the market.


totally agree re 3pm PU. Awful show, a leftover from Mix days. Totally out of place with new shows in Melbourne and K&JO.


What was the point of this?? Honestly, no information in there that was either useful or not already known


Bit lazy with the listing for Cruise and 4KQ…


97.3 is promoing their annual New Years Eve Party Mix. As usual - 12 hours commercial free from 6pm - 6am. Not sure if they are going to have caller shout-outs or not this year though.


Jase & PJ back this morning.
Will and Woody are back this afternoon.
Kyle and Jackie O are back Monday 21 January 2019.


Should have returned 7 January, given a choice to those returning to work with other shows on hols.


I think they are are the first Melbourne FM Breakfast show back for the year.


That’s true, they are first… Both SCA Shows Return Jan 21, Not sure about the Nova Breakfast Show or Christian O’Connell??


Christian O’Connell is back January 21. KTM is back the same day, so I presume Nova Breakfast is too.


Nova breakfast and drive return 21 January.


Why can’t IHeartRadio start up a Station that Plays only Alternative Rock From
The 2000’s Onwards???


iHeartRadio within their app have more than a few dedicated modern rock stations. (Rock Nation, some of the US ones…)
But as for HT&E and KIIS in particular, I really can’t see them wanting to do a modern rock station. It doesn’t fit their modus operandi, nor with their current formats. If anything I think they’d be more likely to bring evolution to digital to fit in, depending on their pharmaceutical contract.


KIIS1065 is now branding as ‘Sydney’s Number 1 Hit Music Station’


Expect a lawsuit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Even though “Sydney’s #1 Hit Music Station” (or something similar) was used as a slogan by 2DayFM years ago when they had the ratings to back it up, it’s not a factually inaccurate one for KIIS 1065 to use right now IMO.

Infact, I’m actually surprised that KIIS didn’t start using it four years ago! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: