KIIS Network

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Carrie and Tommy
Hughesy and Kate

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Yes, look at the replacement for Terry Hansen at 97.3, not much coin to sign Mike van Acker.

Even less for the new anchor when BBQ Bob ‘retires’.

They pull what 10 - 15% right? There’s north of 85% of the Melb audience who don’t listen to them.

Because Duncan and the board don’t invest in it. Bfast seems their only focus, they have no attention to detail beyond it.

You can see that in the way the drive show isn’t given attention. Wind it back to Syd/Melb like it was for Rosso. Let the other markets go local, they need it.


Bring back 3TT or TTFM :wink:

Gosh… even 3DB is better than KIIS


I prefer TTFM as well but networking :expressionless:


Agree. Dunno if I’d say boring per se, but they are certainly ‘lacking’

Is daytimes about much more than the music though? I don’t think Greg Burns/Troy are/we’re particularly engaging, and I don’t really engage with the workdays on the Fox, but for me daytime listening is about music…

Isn’t Sydney ‘KIIS 1065’? Adelaide is Mix 102.3? I’m not really sure that it’s the same as the rest of the supposed ‘KIIS’ network; Perth and Brisbane are literally just frequencies

I agree. I’d also say Nova breakfast can be a bit long-winded at times. That’s not to say their show is bad, I just don’t really listen to it much anymore.

Aren’t all the networked shows networked to non-KIIS stations anyway…? Or do Will & Woody say ‘KIIS’ in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane etc?
I remember listening to a 2GO football call once and it was all Triple M branded (this was well before the shift to regional Triple M’s) so is it just accepted now that a station can be part of a ‘network’ that doesn’t necessarily have the same name as the station? (Hit network for example?)


John Caldwell has departed the KIIS network and his program Celeb HQ. Andrew Hornery in the SMH writes:



Appears he’s no longer a regular on Studio 10 either, thank god. The guy seems to be a big show pony IMO, doesn’t really add much from a celebrity perspective.


Bruno Bouchet has resigned as EP of Kyle & Jackie O Show after two years in the job.


The tabloids have a new target.


Great talent, big loss. He could walk into talk radio far better than Dastyari.


This is why John Caldwell was fired from KIIS 106.5, he claims; he made a complaint about another staff member’s actions towards him at the ACRA Awards, then was fired.



Everyone else is confirmed for next year except Will & Woody. Changes coming?


I heard 5mins of their show the other day, they kept saying ‘the final show’ not '‘for 2018’.



But who else do they have to take the shift…


Anyone less :poop: which should be easy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m surprised they lasted the whole year on air.


They should just go local with music.

Get rid of the 3pm pick up and have music from 10am - 6am the next day.

Do people really want shows on all the time?


During the drive shift though, I think you’ve at least got to have an announcer in the studio to break up the ads and Traffic/News/Weather Updates.


Well that’s what I meant by local. As in local announcer.


Glad that Jase and PJ are remaining on KIIS1011