KIIS Network

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The trademark protection usually only applies to Australia.


The profiles says that station started in 1997 as NRG and continues now as KIIS.


Jackie ‘O’ Henderson announced she was getting a divorce from her long time husband Lee this morning on her program.


Came to everyone as quite a shock.


Bunch of baloney, Seriously how can he talk??
Guessing Melbourne is excluded from that article?
All about Sydney eh Duncan…


Did you actually read past the headline?

I’ve got lots of problems with Duncan - 96FM is a complete mess, and KIIS simply isn’t getting the cut through in Melbourne it should be, but he’s right about the importance of localism for local brands.

Sydney is an especially parochial market, and for that I guarantee that 2Day’s next breakfast show will be a bit more than 1/3 of the on-air team based in Sydney (or Bathurst)


They need to pump money into it is the issue, they spend big with Kyle & Jackie O then rest of network and shows lack any effort and splashing of cash.

KIIS in Melbourne lacks any energy still, and the imports at breakfast are boring. Will & Woody and boring. Nights are boring, dayside has one jock and he isn’t that engaging then you have the mess at 3pm.


Also a small thing but their logo and imagery are shit. I’d switch to branding “101.1 KIIS FM Melbourne”. Same format for rest of network. It flows better IMO.


Personally disagree about Jase and PJ.
I love listening to their show. Great duo.

Can’t comment on the rest because I flick over to Fox afterwards :stuck_out_tongue:


Just curious, what do you find interesting or different about their show that makes you want to listen?


I think they sound way too “Sydney” for Melbourne. Trying to be shocking and cringy, that’s def a Sydney thing.


The chemistry between them is great. I’ve found them quite more energetic and vibrant than the other shows.

I see where you are coming from and I’ll agree on that, but I don’t mind it.


I think they sound way too New Zealand and Brisbane to be honest.

In what way?


Not sure I’d be able to describe it well… It’s the way they just communicate on air. They have a very vibrant and energetic attitude.
I just enjoy their show :stuck_out_tongue:

Put it like this,
I was a long time breakfast listener on Nova.
I still have nothing wrong with the current Nova breakfast, but I decided to flick over one day and decided to stay tuned.

Also tried Fox breakfast a few times but I just couldn’t really get a feel for it. But given its number 1 I’m obviously in the minority.


What’d you think about the rest of Kiis Melbourne?


Nova Breakfast has too much sports, and repetitive segments for me, Fox is just a mess I don’t get how people like that show.


I wouldn’t even say that KIIS has been doing that well with 1065 here in Sydney recently.

Outside of breakfast where Kyle & Jackie O’s show still rates well (for the most part), the real battle for ratings supremacy on Sydney FM radio these days seems to be between WSFM and Smooth 95.3.


Haven’t listened to the rest of the lineup to really say, honestly.
Used to listen to them when Hughesy and Kate were with them but haven’t since.

I flick over to Fox for the rest of the day.


Now that you’ve mentioned it, that was one of the reasons I decided to try some other stations. Their mornings were so repetitive and I have little to no interest in sports :stuck_out_tongue:


Good man