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Not sure where you’re getting your facts from. I stand corrected on the timeline - that positioning has been in use for closer to twelve months - but is actually their third music positioner since September 2015.

In January last year they introduced the ‘Perth’s Real Gold’ music positioner, which ran alongside the ‘Experience the Change’ publicity for the Carmen & Fitzi show. I can’t quite tell when exactly this was dropped in favour of the ‘Better Music & More of It’ positioner, but the press release announcing their departure from the station in October 2017 supports this.

Having the same music positioner doesn’t mean the stations have the same format or the same playlists/music logs. While there is overlap, Gold 104.3 Melbourne has a different playlist to WSFM Sydney, which notably introduced a number of 2010-era songs that Gold is yet to play. A few of the ACE Radio stations in Victoria also use the same positioner - Edge FM in Wangaratta and Deniliquin, as well as the recently converted 3YB FM. Again, the former has a different playlist to the latter.

96 could easily sit as a Pure Gold station, but remember they’re targeting similar demographics (18-39 year olds) as KIIS, Mix 102.3 and 97.3FM are. It’s not the same format as the KIIS stations, nor Mix Adelaide or 97.3 in Brisbane; I’d describe it as a male-skewing Adult Contemporary format, but even that’s up to interpretation.

Remember the dynamics of the Perth market is completely different to the east coast. While hit92.9 and Nova 937 are not dissimilar to over east, there’s no Triple M. Mix 94.5 is that network’s local station, but carries an entirely different format. 6iX has the ‘classic hits’ side of things all to themselves, yet no-one seems to care.


Yeh but they aren’t commercial radio stations?? Are they?


Yes, they are.


I’m fairly certain some people on here just make stuff up to try and support a random opinion or conclusion they’ve come to tbh.


Don’t feed the troll guys.
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Can someone please explain to me the format differences of what were the 3 CHR’s.
Wiki has 2Day as an Adult CHR, Nova as a Hot AC & Kiis as a traditional CHR.
Is this a fair indication?
When Mix flipped to Kiis, Duncan claim they were an Adult CHR as they wouldnt be quick to jump on songs. It seems they’re still very much that instead of a real CHR.
Is Nova really a Hot AC??
Anyway, what’s the differences between a CHR, Adult CHR & Hot AC these days?


Adult CHR is commonly known as music from the 90s To now. A more mature CHR station (playing more mature hits) than say KIIS. 2Day however have put their own spin on this format, and to be honest no one knows what they are playing any more!! I know it’s just getting harder and harder for Jaben and MC to sell this kind of music. 2Day are playing more 80s tracks than what the format suggests put it that way. KIIS is known as a CHR because they play ‘the biggest hits’ in Breakfast and Drive with repetitive hits and Old School anthems throughout the day. Although i’d Say the way they repeat their music isn’t that bad and is pretty suttle to listen to. Hot AC is mainly 90s/00s To Now, mainly contempary hits/repetitive music with more ‘new tracks’ than music from the 90s. Nova however probably isn’t Hot AC but more just AC, although whatever they’re playing now your guaranteed to hear in 2 hours time just in a different mix of ‘greatest hits’.


I apologise in advance for an essay that is as clear as mud. Then again, so is CHR.

CHR - contemporary hit radio, a fancy way of saying “this station plays Top 40 music”. The Today Network circa the late 2000s and Nova pre-2018 are good examples of this: tighter rotations, usually with an emphasis on playing new music first/before other stations. Imaging tends to be tight and hot - think Z100 New York or BBC Radio 1.

The problem with these kind of format labels is that they’re particularly limiting. Are Fox FM, hit105 and hit92.9 all CHR stations despite heavily mixing in R&B tracks? Is 2DayFM really a CHR format if its workday playlist features Eurythmics tracks? What about Nova, or The Edge 96.ONE?

Adult CHR and Hot AC are basically one and the same - very Americanised labels that, again, don’t necessarily fit our markets. Depending on how you look at it, it’s either a CHR/Top 40 station skewing for an older audience (ie: like Nova adding in older songs as part of their ‘Greatest Hits Workday/Weekend’ playlist) or an adult contemporary station skewing younger (ie: Mix becoming KIIS in 2014/15). Younger demographics tend not to listen to the radio much between 9am and 4pm, so all three networks try and broaden the playlist to keep up TSL (time spent listening) in the workplace. .

BUT you could argue that a format is more than just a playlist. One could consider Nova’s format to have CHR tendencies: tight playlists in key timeslots, with a focus on new music in nights. The Hit Network ‘hits & old school’ format is similar in this regard, but what about the two KIIS stations?

Up until this year they relied upon heritage talent in key timeslots - Kyle & Jackie O, Hughesy & Kate, and Matt Tilley & Meshel Laurie in Melbourne. While Sydney breakfast hasn’t changed, Melbourne breakfast and national drive are now the home of younger, fresher shows, and the music is reflecting that. In a way, the KIIS stations are - at times - the hottest stations in the market.

Personally? I don’t think it matters. The reason for these labels are for American broadcasters and advertisers to compare apples with apples in a much more crowded marketplace. Combined, six stations in Melbourne and Sydney want to dominate the 18-24 and 25-39 demographics. They each do it differently.


To me, I’d say 2DAY is closest to an AC station (at least before they switch to network programming at 3pm), Nova’s greatest hits workday sounds to me a lot like KIIS so I’d probably put them both into some sort of Adult CHR variant, with Nova leaning closer to AC and KIIS leaning closer to Hot AC.

The Fox feels like the closest thing to a true CHR, but even they aren’t completely there.

Then you’ve got The Edge as a rhythmic CHR…

There just doesn’t feel like a Z100 or KIIS Los Angeles or BBC Radio 1 style CHR on Aussie radio at the moment. Even Nova’s departed from the Capital feel.

At the moment, Top 40 music is a bit polarising (in that you’ve got Drake up there’s with Eminem, alongside George Ezra, Ariana Grande and Dean Lewis), so tending towards a more AC-ish sound will probably net better results for the main ‘CHRs’.


I find it a bit odd that KIIS Sydney are promoting the 2GB Continuous Call Team’s call of the NRL Grand Final being available on iHeartRadio on their offical Twitter account.


Yes it’s odd. I heard a promo on iHeart 80s this morning promoting 2GB. Macquarie Radio must have some deal with iHeart because whenever I’m on it Macquarie Sports Radio comes up as a station suggestion even above the ARN stations. I find it so strange an ARN station like 4KQ constantly promoting iHeart when it directs you to other stations!


Should’ve come from the @iHeartRadioAU account methinks


That tweet by KIIS 1065 has been deleted. Macquarie Radio not happy 2GB’s coverage being promoted on another radio network?


If anything, 2GB and the Macquarie Radio Network would probably be delighted that a rival station is promoting them on Twitter.

Higher level management of KIIS 1065 and the Australian Radio Network on the other hand…


Exactly …


Listened to a full proper show of K&J this morning - the first time in 4 years! - Used to stream it interstate back in the day. Listened to bits and pieces back last year and 2016 and thought the show had gone down the tubes but thank god it’s improved from what it used to be. I’ve listened to K&J since the early days 2005/06 when they first started on 2Day. Someone who i do miss is Krista Thomas who did News in 2014 before being let go in late 2014, came across this article from the telegraph (see below) If true i find that quite appalling I thought she fitted well in with the show and gave great opinions and stepped in when she needed too.

Anyway not to say that Brooklyn Ross isn’t a fantastic news reader himself but I did like Krista’s Sass and not to be shut down by Kyle.

Anyway managed to capture this mornings opener.


Is Krista working in media anywhere currently or simply enjoying being a cricket WAG?


I read somewhere that she’s a journalist for I98fm down in Wollongong but that article is from 2016… doubt she would still be working down that way…


I found this station called KIIS Extra 95.8 that uses the exact logo as our KIIS FM.

This must be going against the copyright of ARN wouldn’t it?


It’d be trademark infringement at most. I remember seeing this a few years ago, so the brand may have been licensed (or they were just quick to steal it)