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Kyle Sandilands called in sick yesterday and today, with The Daily Telegraph hinting it’s related to his show being beaten in the latest radio ratings by WSFM.


Why would he need to be off work?

By that logic Em, Grant and Ed should be off sick everyday.


Being a spoil sport can be harmful to your health.


Bruised ego but isn’t the picture of perfect health either.


Seems he really has taken this loss badly. It’s funny how he was happy to accept the ratings system while it showed him on top but now that it doesn’t he has started bagging the ratings system.


If you ask me, Kyle should just be thankful his show was only beaten in the ratings by KIIS’ sister station rather than 2DayFM or Nova!


If he doesn’t care about ratings then why does he keep saying nobody is listening to 2Day?

What is he using to prove his statements? Surely not the misleading radio ratings?


A serious case of sour grapes when you are not winning the ratings any more.


He’s not looking real flash either to be honest.
Next time he’s on top again on the ratings then the team at 2day or Nova should remind him that the ratings are “inaccurate”.



Ideally have a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate, the ad states. Will the street crew sometimes be handing out grog, I wonder?


Maybe it’s a warning that you might end up with a drinking problem.


Probably at station events for listeners or clients. Casual promotions staff are the ultimate jacks of all trades.


I’d dare say that would be illegal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe to work for Vile and Tacky Ho you need to be pissed 24/7? :rofl:


Kyle Sandilands is extremely sick according to his girlfriend Imogen Anthony. He was off air for three days this week.


He was extremely sick, as the story goes on to say he is expected back on-air at KIIS 106.5 on Monday.


Why does this not surprise me.

If there’s a market of when he’ll do us all a favour and die of a heart attack, I’d be on it with sometime in the next five years at the rate he’s going.

He’s on blood pressure medication - trust me, you don’t f**k around with that.


96FM positioning themselves as Better Music and More of It, with 96 minute marathons at 9,11 and 2. Maybe a change to the Pure Gold Network?? As Gold104.3 also carries the same positioner …


Nope, they’ve been doing this since the January 2017 relaunch.


Nope, incorrect, i know they rebranded in 2018 with Paul and Lise labeling themselves as ‘Experience the Change’ with still the same rock format they had in 2017. But now they must have only taken on the ‘Better Music and More of It’ label recently as you wouldn’t hear Uptown Funk- Mark Ronson/ Bruno Mars on a rock station like 96 with a positioner like Experience the Change because that’s what 92.9 and Nova are playing. Where as a station with a positioner like Better Music, you most likely would hear Bruno.