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Whoever thought that was a good idea needs a kick in the arse. The joke tanked badly. KIIS can PIIS off.


Exactly. After seeing someone just break down in public and is looking so vulnerable, who thinks that is a good time to take the piss?


Was the ‘joke’ even at Smith’s expense though? I don’t know because it referenced some reality show I actively avoid but it sounded along the lines of “what you did wasn’t as bad as what this person/people did on this show”.

Out of place? Yes. Inappropriate? Probably. Offensive/“disgraceful”? Hardly.


Intern Pete told News Corp today that upon reflection it wasn’t the best time to do that stunt at last night’s press conference, but refused to say sorry. He added he wasn’t instructed to ask the question by anyone at KIIS FM or any members of The Kyle and Jackie O Show.


Why did he use their name then?


In his question? Probably because ‘hey, intern Pete here’ would’ve had everyone going ‘who the hell is that?!’


Well, his name is mud now, so good going.


Not sure that Cricket Australia are the ones to claim the higher moral ground here?


Personally I think this dumb stunt is going to be a lot more damaging than they think. It might not be quite the same as the Royal prank call but jeesh it’s not far off. Kyle and Jackie are moronic and so is KIIS.


Now that’s an overreaction…


I see the idea of it, but the execution was woeful. He is a forgettable type, I can’t remember his name. Not much talent, the questions could’ve been smarter.

I don’t think it ever was not. He’s not the brightest tool in the shed.


No it’s absolutely not. In both cases they’ve tormented and humiliated a person who is in a very fragile mental state. Actually this case is worse - because they know the cricketer is in a fragile state and already humiliated. In the case of the British nurse they didn’t know that.

So it’s worse.


Skilled broadcasters could have had a joke with not against him.

And it was bad radio, the questions were not of a good quality.


How can you honestly believe that? The British nurse did nothing to attract attention or make herself a target. On the other hand Smith’s representatives called a press conference in an attempt to absolve the hit to his image, his embarrassment and professional (money-earning) reputation caused by his own disgraceful actions.

Are all attending members of the press obliged to go along with and pander to the “woe is me” narrative? Or are KIIS well within their rights to send an idiot along to ask whatever off-topic, banal question he wants?


He might have brought the situation on himself but does that make harassment and ridicule alright now? Doesn’t his mental state matter?




Right, so it’s the guy asking a question at a damage control press conference that’s evil, not the rest of the media that went after him and his family for days and are still digging to try and expose more…

Nah, it’s not the Daily Telegraph who ran hit pieces on him that’s evil.

It’s some guy who had the gall to say something so awful as ‘married at first sight’ while the multi-millionaire in damage control cried.


So the others were evil and he was an innocent victim who couldn’t tell a broken and vulnerable person in front of him?

So you think his actions were altruistic and you still believe he wasn’t just trying to be a dick, just to attract publicity for the show without thinking?


Course not.

Just saying that what he ‘did’ was hardly the outrageous, offensive, thing that everyone is so hysterical about. And hardly on even the same planet as the royal prank call.

As I said, I find his comment neither funny nor offensive. It was a banal comment that was quickly brushed over and everyone has run to battle stations as if he single-handedly destroyed the profession of journalism and also caused Steve smith to cheat


Don’t call him a journalist. You lose all credibility with that.

Long stretch of the bow there.


Never said he was, yet so many carrying on like he’s destroyed journalism…