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Peter Deppeler, serial pest from KIIS.

His mentions are already pretty fiery…


I hope they sack the grub :rage:


As though anyone needed anymore reasons not to listen to Kyle & Jackie O or KIIS1065.


Article on the outrage.

At least 2day have a silver lining after all the negative of losing them - they don’t have to deal with this anymore.


Yawn. Social media pack mentality again.

The ‘stunt’ if you can call it that, was crass at worst but mainly guilty of being a bit crap. This found-out professional cheat sheds a few tears for the media and suddenly he’s a national hero again?

I expect KIIS to remain quiet and allow this to blow itself out over the long weekend.


I expect they should promo the hell out of it. It was an underwhelming effort that got the lazy media ‘upset’ as they seek the next mock outrage. This is just what they want.


I’m guessing it got the reaction KIIS and Kyle and Jackie O were hoping for. All over social media and being covered across Australia and even popped up on the news in the UK. It was certainly a bit crass but I doubt that’ll trouble KIIS.


Who cares? Cricket and Kyle and Jackie O. Can you find two more boring topics?


Well the stunt has certainly been grossly over-hyped thanks to social media but that’s the way of the world these days I guess.


Craig Bruce says what Kyle and Jackie O’s ‘intern’ did at the Steve Smith press conference was a mistake.

Edit: I had a mental block.


I don’t think Craig Bruce works for ARN?


Big mistake. Huge.

He needs to be reprimanded for this.


strong text If anyone needs ti ti be sacked ARN is ine-tern Pete what he did by hijackng te Syeve Smioth POreess Cnference was shameful and AEN, Kiis 106.5 & pete should be ashamed fpof themselves.




Was Craig Bruce still at SCA post the royal prank call saga?

SCA far too risk averse then, no prank calls for one to two years.

Craig is not a programmer of any station in 2018, his experience is limited to the year he resigned from radio. The longer the time passes, the less relevant his comments are.


So much negative feedback for his actions.


Everyone loves to jump on the hysteria bandwagon, hey.

I thought the comments were neither funny nor particularly offensive and appeared to have been quickly brushed over at the press conference.

God us Australians take ourselves way too seriously.

Meanwhile, the Great Barrier Reef is being destroyed and our government continues to allow people to die in conditions that break international human rights standards, but all we can talk about is an inane comment made at the press conference of a multi-millionaire upset that he’s no longer going to be raking in millions of dollars.

Yeah, cheating at sport isn’t great but in the grand scheme of things how is that, and a silly comment made by a radio show staffer, the worst thing/the thing Australians have gotten most upset by in the past decade or so…

Seriously, the last time I can remember such ubiquitous outrage was Work Choices in 2007.


What a surprise reaction from you. :roll_eyes:

You have no perspective. You’re on your own with this attitude.


Feel free to get some perspective yourself:


The perpetual KIIS defender.