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These ads would be so much better if the actors were not overacting. Or better still - if they used real focus groups.

Terrific idea that has been annoyingly executed.


Kyle Sandilands will be on Game Changers - full episode available on Saturday February 17th.


Anyone know what ARN/KIIS are doing in terms of creating new talent? HIT/Nova are great at this, but KIIS doesn’t seem to give young announcers a go? whats with that? Gordy is the exception, a great announcer.


#socks out hasn’t really caught on


Kyle and Jackie O have been on air from 6am - 10:30am for over a week now.


Maybe it’s because I’m not a listener, but: why?


It helps boost the station share in dayside? They want to? They get paid enough?


Full episode of Kyle Sandilands on Game Changers.


Rodney O’s Block Party is no longer airing on KIIS. They haven’t replaced the show, just continuing on with non stop hits into the night.


Did Celeb HQ get axed before it started?


Yeah, I haven’t heard it all year…


KIIS Weekender, 6pm-12am Saturdays Non-Stop Remixes with no ads!!



Frankly I’d rather listen to dead air :slight_smile:



An article popped up on the Kiis website about Zoe Marshall having her baby. And included this end line:

Zoe is co host of KIIS’s CELEB HQ with JC. Get the latest gossip from Hollywood and home. Starts Monday night 7pm.

Perhaps they were waiting for her to give birth before starting the show to avoid chopping and changing presenters in its first couple of months?


Celeb HQ has started tonight.


To gate crash the press conference was indeed a serious error of judgement.

I hope they’re not patting themselves on the back…

Just idiotic behaviour from KIIS.


This is the idiot.

And this was the moronic comment from his mouth.


Earlier this year their focus groups described the show as banal and annoying. This is their response.

What some people do for ratings…