KIIS Network

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Yeah it was no secret this was planned months ago.


They threw a party at Kyle’s house :stuck_out_tongue: :australia:


KIIS 1065 have a Mega Music Marathon 1 hour straight with zero ads… that’s 10 minutes more than 2Day FM. The battle is on!


so you’re saying the #1 is countering the #6 or #7.

That’s a BIG win for 2DayFM when the incumbent is changing to block. Waits to see what Nova does.


Nothing I dare say, Nova will keep doing what they are doing. They run their stations as a national network, same playlists, 70mins of music at 9am.
It is only Brisbane and Perth that have some difference to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide.

If and when 2day start beating Nova in the Sydney ratings will there be any change to the programming of Nova 96.9 IMO.


Isn’t that just the old KIIS 60 again?


I guess so.

Show #2 of 2018 and Kyle is already bagging out 2Day FM and it’s new breakfast show.


His grudge is going to last forever.


It certainly makes for entertaining listening.


Really? Constantly bagging previous management and the competition is entertaining?


The controversial things Kyle says is what makes K&J #1.



Not enough highlights to fill the show?


You’d think it was a technical hitch, given ZM in New Zealand air the same highlights package in drive


KIIS 1065 are continuing the ad free 60 on the weekends too.


KIIS 1065 2018 TV Commercials starring Kyle and Jackie O


Something really sad about a fat, middle aged man wearing a baseball cap indoors.


If I earned $5mil/year I reckon I’d dress however I want too…


If I made $5million a year, I would dress to look cool and not like a cheap and tacky, cashed up bogan. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Except the ads are obviously fake using paid actors.

Always a KIIS fanboy. :joy: You’re Allowed to have your own opinions that are not Kyle’s.