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H&K have max. 2 years before Kate goes to Europe. Depends if you call 2 years at most ‘soon’.


Plans can change. Also that could have been a negotiation ploy to avoid getting stuck in a long and binding contract or said because they were already being offered big bucks to defect.

Especially since many have mentioned that working for ARM is not a happy experience.


Regardless, it’s a good idea to have a replacement in mind should anything happen. Then you’re not scrambling to put together a show and end up with a debacle like 2DAY breakfast.

Also means as a company you’re not wedged when your show comes to you and says ‘we’re gonna leave unless you pay us double’

I don’t see how developing potential replacement shows and positioning them in the markets so they’re known is such a ridiculous or controversial idea :woman_shrugging:t2:

Also if you didn’t want to sign on for another two years, there’s nothing stopping you from saying ‘I only want one more year’
Not sure why you would need to come up with some moving the family to Europe story if it wasn’t true.


For all we know, it could just be a three month holiday in the middle of the year but KIIS weren’t willing to allow that to happen.

Nobody is saying that. That’s exactly what they should be doing and KIIS hasn’t been.


That Kate wants to go to Europe? I can assure you it isn’t


If SCA put up the cash to install an ISDN line in Mel B’s bedroom, an ISDN line to Kate in Europe won’t be an issue at all if they’re still rating in 2 years time.


Back to an awkward radio show for Will and Woody this afternoon.

I think they’re really let down by their producers and background staff who put through hopeless callers for their phone-in segments. They don’t seem to have the info about the call in front them, so when a caller is vague they can’t correct them or figure out what the point is.

And if a caller starts getting off track and waffling, they just can’t seem to cut them off. Then when they try to discuss the call further but it’s stilted and awkward and they end up just laughing at each other.

I don’t know how this can go on.


Perth is not the equivalent to Newcastle. Hit929 is one of the five flagship stations of the Hit Network.


He said that he thinks doing a couple of years of radio in Perth is the equivalent of doing a few years of radio in Newcastle.


Do we know if KIIS approached Heidi to go to Melbourne with Will and Woody? Or do they come very much as their own (off the back of the truck) package?


Supposedly ARN wanted to do that but she wasn’t keen on the idea


There should be more stupid stunts like this on radio. :joy: :tennis:


How ridiculous!


How ridiculous for radio to be fun for once! :wink:

Don’t they know all Melbourne wants is some two-bit footballer who needs to make some money talking about what they did on the weekend…?


Zac Efron, Mel B, Sam Smith, Margot Robbie, 50 Cent and Robbie Williams will be some of the big stars Kyle and Jackie O interview when they return on Jan 29.


Are you their publicist?


No mate.


Hughesy and Kate; Kate, Tim and Marty & Kennedy Molloy all started back today. Will and Woody surely lost in the crowd now…


Jase & PJ highlights started last night across the KIIS network last night.

According to a radio today article a producer of theirs ‘broke’ the news on instagram and Radio today confirmed with ARN the news was true.

Despite the fact that radio today actually had news of this back in November…


RadioToday strikes again. I thought it was announced months ago too