Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery Season 4

Wednesday 3 February at 8:00pm

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery returns to ABC on Wednesday 3 February. Episode one features the recently retired Kerry O’Brien.

In the most diverse series yet, Julia travels around Australia to take some of her favourite people down
memory lane. Joining her on the road for this 10-part series will be well-known faces from the worlds of
comedy, journalism, entertainment, arts and sport. As always the interviews are intimate, candid and
Julia’s guests reveal parts of their life story that were until now unknown to viewers.

The series launches with the recently retired Kerry O’Brien. In this revealing episode, Julia takes Kerry back
to his childhood in suburban Brisbane. Kerry speaks candidly about his difficult and troubled relationship
with the Brothers at St Laurence’s College and the long-term effects of a career in journalism.

Australia’s international comedy superstar Rebel Wilson is next up, followed by cricketing legend Glenn
McGrath. The fourth episode features arguably Australia’s greatest intellectual export Geoffrey Robertson.

Also opening up to Julia in the series are artist Ben Quilty, TV stalwart Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Logie Awardwinning
actress Miranda Tapsell and comedians Greig Pickhaver (HG Nelson) and Denise Scott.

Along the way Julia springs the odd surprise and calls on parents, friends and old school mates to share
their own stories about her guests.

###Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery Season 5

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery sees each episode begin with the premise: if you really want to get to know people, the best place to start is where they started themselves… their childhood homes.

Each week, Julia invites a well known face to take a trip down memory lane. At her guest’s childhood home they take a moment to consider the directions their life has taken, the paths that have been wandered. It’s then onto the surrounding neighbourhood and on all the way to the school gate, reliving formative moments, talking about life, love and achievement, about the past, present and future.

Julia draws out what makes her guest tick and what inspires them. The journey creates unscripted moments and provokes reactions, showing dimensions of the guests that audiences haven’t seen before and proves that our pasts, our presents and our futures are all there inside us, just waiting to come out, waiting to go for a walk.

Guests for this series include: Lee Lin Chin, Cathy Freeman, Tim Ferguson, Susan Carland, Ronny Chieng and Annabel Crabb.

Production Credits: Produced by CJZ.

Runs for: Ten x 30min episodes on ABC TV and ABC iview

Coming to 2017

###Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery - Season 5

From Wednesday 1 February at 8:00pm

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery is a documentary series in which the ever playful and always entertaining Julia Zemiro walks outstanding and notable people down memory lane. Every Home Delivery episode begins with Julia and her companion driving back to their old stomping ground. They travel through time back to their childhood home, schools and old haunts all the while talking about life’s big questions as well as the past, present and future.

In this the fifth series we feature revealing and surprising interviews with actor Sam Neill, Olympian Cathy Freeman, musicians Kasey Chambers and Colin Hay, media heavyweights Lee Lin Chin and Annabel Crabb, former journo and current senator Derryn Hinch, academic Susan Carland and comedians Tim Ferguson and Ronny Chieng.

Julia travels from the deserts of South Australia to Far North Queensland, from the forests behind Dunedin to the metropolis of Singapore. Julia is an interviewer of great charm, wit and depth. She puts her guests at ease with her genuine curiosity and warmth, and they respond by opening up and sharing parts of their lives not usually revealed to interviewers. She’s is an astute and sensitive listener, willing to probe and ask the difficult questions.

Each trip back in time is as different as the guests are themselves. Some can’t wait to walk through the door of a place that will always feel like home, some want to run away, and for others the family home is where Mum and Dad still live now but visiting with Julia and her crew puts it in a different perspective. Walking the corridors of former school brings up happy memories for many while others step with trepidation through hallways that are full of ghosts. For all of them, returning to the scenes of their formative years is a powerful experience, sometimes overwhelmingly joyous, sometimes bittersweet.

All guests set off on their ‘day of Delivery’ willing to go deep. They reveal personal stories from their childhoods to the present day. They open up about their Mums and Dads, brothers, sisters and best friends. They spill their guts, share their stories both happy and sad and give the viewer real insight into the person they are.

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For the fans

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery: Lee Lin Chin
Wednesday 22 February at 8:00pm

Julia Zemiro travels around Australia to take some of her favourite people down memory lane. Joining her on the road this week is colourful media heavyweight, Lee Lin Chin.

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Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery - Season 6

From Thursday 3 May at 8:00pm


Once again, the playful and always entertaining Julia Zemiro walks notable people through their former lives, and helps uncover the people, places and events that shaped them into the people they are today.


After many years living in Australia, much-loved actress and Gold Logie winner Rebecca Gibney takes Julia to her native New Zealand. After a cable car ride overlooking her home town of Wellington, Rebecca and Julia jump into a classic green mini and head out to explore Rebecca’s life in the country’s capital.

Nervous about visiting an old family home, Rebecca decides they should visit her primary school, Kelburn Normal School. As they drive, she recounts to Jilia how her father Austin was an alcoholic and frequently changed jobs, forcing his wife Shirley to constantly find new homes for the family. So, before she was 10-years-old, Rebecca had moved at least ten times before ending up in Wellington.

At Kelburn Rebecca was finally able to make friends, recounting that she was a good student and loved her time at the school; and had fully formed plans to become New Zealand’s first female prime minister. A stroke saw her father stop drinking for a while and finally paying attention to his family, inspiring Rebecca to do well.

I wonder if Rebecca Gibney’s episode was inspired by her appearance on Who Do You Think You Are? on SBS in 2014?

Why would it be?

Rebecca Gibney had to take to Instagram to respond to yesterday’s News Corp article which relates to her episode. Seems like ABC’s PR department has made a huge blunder.

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery S6 - Ep 5: BARRIE CASSIDY

Wednesday 6 June at 8:00pm

Statement on Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery and Germaine Greer

The 11 July episode of Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery featuring Germaine Greer was recorded several months prior to Ms Greer’s recent comments about rape.

There is no reference to rape or sexual assault in the episode. Neither the ABC nor Julia Zemiro endorse or support Ms Greer’s claims about rape and violence.

Sexual violence is a serious problem in Australia. We treat any comments or claims about sexual violence very seriously and disavow any suggestion that rape does not involve injury or violence.

Julia Zemiro is a proud ambassador of Our Watch, which drives nationwide change in the culture, behaviours and power imbalances that lead to violence against women and their children.

2019 Upfronts

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery, Series 7

Each week, Julia invites a well-known face to take a trip down memory lane. Together they travel through time to the guest’s childhood home. It’s here that the guest has a moment to consider the directions their life has taken, the paths that have been wandered. It’s then onto the surrounding neighbourhood and on all the way to the school gate, reliving formative moments, talking about life, love and achievement, about the past, present and future. Along the way Julia will meet the pivotal people in her guest’s life such as the inspirational school teacher or the childhood best friend. Julia draws out what makes her guest tick and what inspires them. The journey creates unscripted moments and provokes reactions, showing dimensions of the guests that audiences haven’t seen before. With trademark charm and cheek, Julia will spring surprises along the way. What she discovers about her guests will explain, well, almost everything. Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery is intimate, natural and revealing. It shows that our pasts, our presents and our futures are all there inside us, just waiting to come out, waiting to go for a walk.

Series 7 premieres October 7 at 8pm.

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Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery - Series 7

Ep 1 – Costa Georgiadis
Wednesday 9 October 8.00pm

Julia Zemiro returns for a seventh season of Home Delivery, to walk another batch of notable faces through their former lives, uncovering the people, places and events that shaped them into the people they are today.

Costa’s infectious enthusiasm jumps off the screen as the Bondi born-and-bred landscaper drives Julia to the family home, primary school and sporting fields of his youth. Their chariot? A classic brown Holden Gemini station wagon.

Julia discovers a man not just passionate about plants and the environment, but with a deep spiritual connection to family and community. At times emotional, at others joyous it’s an episode that will both surprise and delight.

And to top it all off Costa reveals a hitherto unknown skill, one that has the potential to take him all the way to Eurovision 2020.

Ep 2 - Magda Szubansk
Wednesday 16 October 8.00pm

Magda takes Julia to her childhood home and recalls hours spent sitting in front of the TV balancing a cushion on her head, and the aluminium windows that inspired the creation of her character Sharon Strzelecki.

Then it’s off to the Croydon Tennis Club and Magda and Julia play a doubles match against an un-likely opponent.

At Siena College Magda opens up about her high school years, about coming out and her current complex relationship with the church.

At Melbourne University Magda talks about her experiences as a social worker, how she ended up in comedy and the responsibility of being part of public debate.

Ep3 - Nakkiah Lui
Wednesday 23 October 8.00pm

Nakkiah Lui is a one-woman multi-media phenomenon. She’s a prize-winning playwright, actor, comedian and enthusiastic taunter of society’s sacred Cows.

Nakkiah takes Julia back to her house in Sydney’s west to meet her parents, and talks of a childhood full of books, movies and the occasional attempt to run away.

In a Ford Laser they drive to her old primary school where she recalls refusing to stand for the national anthem.

In an emotional scene they revisit the home where Nakkiah nursed her grandmother after an accident that inspired her play “Kill the Messenger”.

At the Belvoir Theatre in Surry Hills, Nakkiah talks about writing, acting and the importance of laughter.

Ep4 - Bill Bryson
Wednesday 30 October 8:00pm

American born writer Bill Bryson came to prominence with his recollections of living in the UK.

Notes from a Small Island. His books include Downunder, about travelling through Australia and A Short History of Nearly Everything.

We begin this episode at the Holloway Sanitorium, a former psychiatric hospital, where he worked while backpacking through Europe. It is where he met his future wife, then a trainee nurse, and decided to make the UK his home.

From there Julia and Bill catch a classic London Cab to the old News International newspaper offices where Bill became embroiled in the nation-changing Wapping Printers Strike.

Julia and Bill wander through the London Library and discuss the inspiration for his writing before visiting the Royal Society, the oldest national scientific institution in the world, where Bill is an honorary fellow.

It’s been quite a journey for the Thunderbolt Kid from Des Moines, Iowa.

Ep 5: Judith Lucy
Wednesday November 6 8:00pm

Self-described “funny lady” Judith Lucy spent her formative comedy years in Fitzroy after escaping Perth.

“It was like the spring came out of the top of my head coming to Melbourne: if there’s one thing I remember about that period its laughing.”

She shows off the house she lived and the site of the ‘Last Laugh’ but once we return to Perth, Judith talks through growing up in a dysfunctional family, learning she was adopted in her mid-twenties, and the joke that severed her relationship with her father forever.

Wednesday 13 November 8:00pm

Gillian Triggs is an academic, lawyer and social justice advocate. Her investigations into Australia’s human rights record plunged her into national controversy.

Julia meets Gillian at Station Pier in Port Melbourne, the place her family arrived by boat from the UK in the late ‘50s. Gillian, in a pristine Ford Anglia, drives Julia to University High School where she was educated, and now it even has a school house named after her.

We then visit the Janet Clarke Hall where Gillian resided while studying law at Melbourne University. In the hall Gillian reads, for the first time, quotes from her critics while she was president of the Australian Rights Human Commission and discusses why her actions brought her some powerful and vocal enemies.

Julia and Gillian then take a stroll through the beautiful environs of the university before chatting about how the firestorm of public life has changed her, and her optimism for the country.

Julia’s other guests in this series include: Costa Georgiadis, Magda Szubanski, Nakkiah Lui, Bill Bryson, Judith Lucy, Gillian Triggs, Ian Chappell, Bill Oddie, Shane Gould and Adam Liaw.

Wednesday 20 November 8:00pm

Chappell, one of the most important figures of modern cricket, takes Julia back to Adelaideto the yard he and his brothers Greg and Trevor spent uncountable hours practicing theskills that got them selected to represent Australia.

Then it’s off in a classic burnt orange Chrysler Valiant to the local Glenelg Baseball Club, where Ian also made it o represent his country. He won a sports scholarship to the prestigious Prince Alfred College where he reveals hat he was in the school choir and ignored his First XI coaches’ advice that “not much is gained in anger”.Ian tells Julia of his tricky dealings with another famous Adelaide legend, Don Bradman, who he found indictive and unlikeable.

Ian and Julia enter the Adelaide Oval through the Victor Richardson gates, named after Ian’s Grandfather, and oints out where his parents’ ashes are spread nearby. He also reveals to Julia that these days he is not nterested in watching cricket unless he has to professionally.

Wednesday 27 November 8:00pm

Bill Oddie is the beardie-one that a generation of us grew up watching on the anarchic comedy The Goodies.

Julia takes her life in her hands (literally) in a classic MG to retrace Bill’s childhood in Birmingham in the UK. First, we visit his childhood home and he opens up about having a mother with a severe mental illness, and reflects on his own battles.

At his old High School Bill recalls that it was here where his talents were most encouraged, and this led him to eventually performing and writing with Tim Brooke Taylor, Graeme Garden, Terry Jones and John Cleese.

After the Goodies Bill pursued his interest in natural history and bird watching, presenting many TV and radio series.

Bill and Julia finish the episode birdwatching and reflecting on the state of the environment and the world.


Wednesday 4 December 8:00pm

Shane Gould is a one of a kind: a superstar swimmer who turned her back on the pool at the peak of her career in search of a simpler life.

In this revealing and intimate episode, Shane and Julia revisit one of her primary schools and the house she lived in as a teenager. Shane talks about how her success put intense pressure on her and her family.

We visit the location of her famous 100m world record swim, North Sydney Pool, and meet one of Shane’s coaches Ursula Carlisle. Shane reveals to Ursula that she may have continued swimming if she had been challenged by taking up another stroke.

Poolside, Shane explains to Julia what made her give it all away and “runaway” to Western Australia. Julia and Shane travels to Margaret River to visit the property Shane escaped to and the house she built.

Ep 10: ADAM LIAW - Season Final

Malaysian born Adam Liaw grew up in the hills of Adelaide. He takes Julia, in the universally under- appreciated 1989 Volvo 240, to his old family home and the memories come rushing back as they tour the house; the smells, the light, the radiator he burnt himself on and the bamboo stand where his grandmother said a witch lived.

We meet Adam’s father who describes the young Adam and his older brother as precocious. Both were accelerated through school, where we visit, before travelling to a favourite spot in the Botanical Gardens Adam would visit with his mother and grandmother.

He describes his decision to leave his high-powered legal career to become a MasterChef contestant. We hear how his grandmother dragged the family out of poverty by winning a small amount in Lotto, which meant her kids could stay in school and forge professional careers.


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ABC Upfronts 2020

In 2020, Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery will be back on the road for new series of classic cars joined by a new mix of passionate and inspiring pioneers, innovators and leaders.

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Season final tonight

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery - Season 8

Premieres Wednesday 20 May at 8pm

The ABC’s beloved series Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery returns for its eighth season on Wednesday 20 May 8pm on ABC and iview. Julia traverses the country to meet her guests. They come from around Australia and an assortment of professions, all with a passion to effect real change in the world.

"Little did we know when we were filming this 8th series of Home Delivery that the world would soon be in lockdown,” Julia Zemiro says. “Presenting these shows to an audience now feels a bit more special. I’m so thrilled we can share with you eight brilliant people walking us through their past and reflecting on the future… a future they had no idea would include Coronavirus.”

“There’s a bittersweet quality in watching those musings now,” Julia adds. “Personally, I’m moved also by my physical closeness to each guest and how that is no longer possible. Our guests come from Science, IT, Politics and more particularly the Arts, an Industry that has become so vital in keeping our spirits alive in this lockdown period. Enjoy. "

The new series kicks off with a trip down memory lane with Australia’s favourite boffin, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, while other guests include, maverick Senator Jacqui Lambie, comedian, social media queen and bushfire heroine Celeste Barber, actor and activist Yael Stone, comedian Craig Reucassel, legendary film director Gillian Armstrong, billionaire software entrepreneur Scott Farquhar and singer-songwriter Casey Donovan.

As Julia’s guests visit significant sites from their formative years, they ponder their lives and the paths they have forged so far, sharing personal stories from their childhoods to the present day, giving the viewer a real insight into their public and private persona.


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