Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery

Episode 1 - Karl Kruszelnicki

Wednesday 20 May at 8.00pm

Australia favourite science communicator Dr Karl takes Julia on a tour of the Wollongong family home he Last entered half a century ago, recalling a Lonely childhood and revelling his regret at not paying attention to the Life Lessons his Holocaust-survivor parents offered.

Jumping into a navy-blue Volkswagen Beetle, Karl and Julia travel to his high school and favourite beach, via the raging furnace of the Wollongong steelworks. Karl shares stories from a Life crammed with dramatic swerves, dips and U-turns, with courage, humour and his infectious optimism.

Episode 2 - Celeste Barber

Wednesday 27 May at 8pm

Julia finds actor, comedian and lnstagram goddess Celeste Barber at gorgeous Snapper Rocks on the Queensland-NSW border. Celeste takes her very first turn behind the wheel of her father’s immaculately restored Mini Cooper as they Laugh, whoop and holler their way to the family home her parents built. Then it’s off to the Burleigh Heads RSL club where Celeste recreates some of the moves from her teenage dancing career, before they conclude the day at the restaurant built on the Land her grandparents once farmed. Throughout the day Julia delights in Celeste’s hilarious, boundless energy, and Learns about the pride and heavy burden of accidentally becoming the voice of bushfire relief.

Episode 3 - Jacqui Lambie

Wednesday 3 June at 8pm

Senator Jacqui Lambie returns to where it all began - a housing commission home she shared with her mother and brother in the suburbs of Devonport.Julia learns about a rebellious teenager and the night a random assault changed the course of her life. In a classic Holden Statesman, they drive to Don College, the school where Jacqui made occasional appearances before dropping out to join the army.

Jacqui recalls the chronic back problems that ended her military career and saw her locked in a bitter battle with the Department of Veterans Affairs for medical support, a fight that inspired her unlikely entry into politics. She introduces Julia to her father Tom; whose Scottish ancestry gave Jacqui one more hurdle to overcome.

Episode 4 - Craig Reucassel

Wednesday 10 June at 8pm

Craig Reucassel was born in South Africa, before his parents’ disgust for apartheid saw them relocate to Adelaide then the Southern Highlands of NSW. He meets Julia atop Mt Gibraltar in Bowral and together they hop into a Renault 12 and drive to the Reucassels first house in the area. Next stop is Bowral High School, where Craig was introduced to debating, a discovery that would change the course of his Life. They meet Rowan Cahill, Craig’s former history teacher, whose unorthodox teaching methods inspired young Craig to find his voice. Driving to Sydney, they visit Sydney University, where he met the other Chaser boys, before walking to the nearby house in which the Chaser newspaper was born.

Episode 5 - Yael Stone

Wednesday 17 June at 8pm

Actor Yael Stone rocks up in a bright yellow van to meet Julia in Sydney’s Inner West. They drive to Balmain Public School, where Yael scored the job of school captain by gently mocking the teachers in her campaign speech. Yael tells Julia stories of the close-knit and talented Stone family, with elder siblings Jake and Elana both successful musicians. At the Stables Theatre they discuss Yael’s career, up to phenomenal Orange ;s the New Black, and the enormously difficult decision to speak out against sexual harassment in the theatre world. They end the day at Yael’s south of Sydney, meeting her sister Elana, and chatting about Yael’s decision to return her US Green Card to try and provoke action on climate change. In the backyard, Yael and Elana sing a song they wrote for bushfire relief.

Episode 6 - Gillian Armstrong

Wednesday 24 June at 8pm

Legendary film director Gillian Armstrong meets Julia outside her parents’ dream home in Mitcham in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Gillian is delighted to see that so many features of the house have been preserved and shares stories about her frustrated artistic father and his domineering family. They discuss the background of My Brilliant Career, which saw her become the first woman to direct a feature film in Australia in 50 years. They jump into the back of an immaculate FB Holden and drive to Vermont High, where a perceptive English teacher saw the storyteller within young Gillian. At Swinburne University Gillian recalls the happy accidents that saw herfall into film making and speaks out at the ingrained gender bias that prevents other women from following in her footsteps.

Episode 7 - Scott Farquhar

Wednesday 1 July 8pm

Scott Farquhar is the co-founder and co-CEO of software giant Atlassian and sits near the very top of Australia’s rich List. He arrives at the former Farquhar family home in Castle Hill in north-west Sydney and takes Julia on a tour of a house remarkably unchanged since he Lived there. In a modest Holden Barina they drive to the scout hall in which Scott spent much of his teenage years and meet his former scout master Allan Staples, who reveals his surprise and joy in Scott’s success. AtJames Ruse Agricultural High School they meet former teacher Vicky Crawford, whose mild words of rebuke in another otherwise excellent year 6 report were the catalyst for Scott’s relentless striving for excellence. They end the day at the former Atlassian office in the Sydney CBD and discuss the improbability of becoming a billionaire and his plans to provide economic, technological and social Leadership in Australia.

Episode 8 - Casey Donovan

Wednesday 8 July 8pm

Julia meets singer-songwriter and actor Casey Donovan in Bankstown in Sydney’s western suburbs. Casey relives her time as an Uber driver by delivering Julia to her childhood home before moving on to Condell Park High School. She explains that it was here than she moved from a young life obsessed with sport to a passion for music and talks about discovering her musical roots in her indigenous biological father’s family. She tells Julia how her stepfather’s belief in her forced a reluctant young Casey to enter Australian Idol, a decision that turned her world upside down. They visit inner-city music venue the Vanguard and end up at Sydney’s Opera House and discuss the swings and roundabouts of success, fame and elusive self-confidence.

Wednesday 3 June- Jacqui Lambie


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The show has been renewed for a ninth and final season in 2022. Michael Carrington, ABC Director Entertainment & Specialist, told TV Tonight:

I’m so thrilled that Julia has agreed to do one more series. She’s so fantastic as a presenter and facilitator of stories. She gets the best out of the people that she’s interviewing.

Season 9 information from 2022 Upfronts - the final season.


It’s the last spin around the block for Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery, albeit in some classic marques. In this the ninth series, Julia will join her favourite people on a personal road trip that in turns are revealing, emotional, intimate, and joyous.

They’ll visit the places that shaped them, meet people that inspired them and discuss the major events in their lives. For over 70 episodes Julia has travelled the country, and the world, interviewing actors, comedians, politicians, CEO’s, music stars, sporting legends, public intellectuals, and authors.

This final round of guests will intrigue, delight and surprise to the end.


A CJZ production in association with ABC. Executive Producer/Director Damian Davis.

Co-Producer Julia Zemiro. Series Producer Asha Anderson. Executive Producer Nick Murray. ABC Executive Producer Frances O’Riordan.

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Final season of Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery premieres Sunday, 19 June at 7.40pm on ABC TV and ABC iview

Strap on your seatbelt as popular television host, Julia Zemiro hits the road for the last time in the ninth and final season of Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery , premiering Sunday, 19 June at 7.40pm on ABC TV and ABC iview.

Over the last decade, Julia has taken well known personalities on road trips back through their lives, revisiting the places and moments that shaped who they are today.

Finishing with four, forty-five minute specials, the show is going out with a bang featuring three legends from the worlds of media, music and dance.

TV icon Ray Martin, Queen of pop Marcia Hines, and celebrated choreographer and director Stephen Page will all open up and share intimate moments and parts of their lives that they rarely reveal.

In an extra special final episode of the series, Julia will go on her own home delivery. Enlisted for the journey are four guest interviewers, beloved gardening guru Costa Georgiadis, satirist Mark Humphries, much loved actress Justine Clarke and the very funny Judith Lucy.

Each of them will help Julia relive the significant moments from her life and take turns walking her through the places that made her who she is today.

Over seventy seven episodes, Julia has used her charm, genuine curiosity and warmth to put her many guests at ease and this series is no exception.

After nine seasons of surprises, fun and crunched gears, get ready for one last spin around the block.

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Series 9 Episode 1

Sunday 19 June 7.40pm

After a decade of memories, surprise revelations and magnificent vehicles, Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery is back for its final season. In tonight’s episode, one of the country’s most recognisable faces, journalist Ray Martin delights in taking Julia back to his humble beginnings.

One of the country’s most recognisable faces, journalist Ray Martin delights in taking Julia back to his humble beginnings.

Driving in a stunning white Citroen Light 15, their first stop is a roadside at Sutherland, where primary school aged Ray waited 5 hours in the searing sun to see the Queen drive by. He then drives Julia to his former housing commission home in Jannali, in the south of Sydney, a three-bedroom fibro dwelling that was a castle for young Ray and his three older sisters. It’s here that the veteran of Australian TV recalls his nomadic childhood, living in 13 different towns before the age of nine.

Next it’s off to Launceston, Tasmania, the sanctuary where Ray and his mother fled to escape his abusive father. Ray tells Julia how it was in Launceston where he was able to make a life for himself, excelling in sport, finding friends and experiencing a sense of stability for the first time in his life.

It’s a city Ray loves, and he takes Julia on a tour. They visit the selective Launceston College where Ray experienced his first taste of journalism as editor of the school newspaper. After a quick stop at the historic North Tasmania Cricket Ground, the journey ends at Launceston’s natural wonder, the beautiful Cataract Gorge, where Ray reflects on his career, his loves and his fortunate life.

Production credit: A CJZ Production made in association with ABC. Director & Executive Producer Damian Davis. Series Producer Asha Anderson. CJZ Executive Producer Nick Murray. ABC Head of Entertainment Nick Hayden. ABC Executive Producer Frances O’Riordan.

Series 9, Episode 2


Sunday 26 June 7.40pm

In tonight’s episode, Australia’s original queen of pop, Marcia Hines, takes Julia on a tour around Sydney, telling her incredible stories of success, resilience, loss and laughter.

Australia’s original queen of pop, Marcia Hines, takes Julia on a tour around Sydney, making stops at the theatres and places that played a part in her life since moving to Australia at the tender age of sixteen.

At St Mary’s Cathedral, Marcia reminisces of her childhood in Boston, Massachusetts - the daughter of Jamaican immigrants who would church hop around town just to listen to all the different music styles.

Stepping behind the wheel of a handsome white Mercedes 280 SL, Marcia drives Julia to the iconic Metro Minerva Theatre in Kings Cross, where she relives the moment she flew to Australia to perform in the ground-breaking production Hair the Musical.

It’s then to The Capitol theatre where Marcia would become the first ever black woman to play the role of Mary Magdalene in the musical behemoth Jesus Christ Superstar.

Marcia opens up about her family, personal life and the highs and lows of her career. Throughout the adventure, Marcia charms Julia with her infectious energy and her incredible stories of success, resilience, loss, and laughter.

Series 9, Episode 3


Sunday 3 July 7.40pm

Stephen Page, artistic director of one of Australia’s most celebrated performing arts companies goes back to where it all began. He takes Julia on an emotional and uplifting journey through his career achievements, the strength of his family and what the future may bring.

The creative force behind the Indigenous dance company Bangarra, Stephen Page, takes Julia to the Brisbane suburb of Mount Gravatt East, and the four-bedroom housing commission property that the Page family called home for over fifty years.

Home videos capture the fun Stephen and his eleven brothers and sisters had dressing up, staging performances on the laundry roof and entertaining the whole street. It is also the place where Stephen witnessed the struggle and disadvantages faced by his parents, and the tragic death of his oldest brother.

Julia and Stephen then visit Stephen’s primary school and, via the back seat of a delightful 1967 Safari Chrysler Valiant Station Wagon, his high school. These were places where Stephen first identified and experienced racism, and where he started to find his love of directing and choreography.

Next it’s off to Sydney where, at a little church hall in the suburb of Glebe, Stephen learned his craft at the Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre. At the Redfern PCYC, Stephen tells Julia about the artistic fervour and the tight community that lead to the creation of Bangarra’s early ground-breaking shows.

At the Bangarra Dance Company Studios, Julia sits down with Stephen for an emotional and uplifting discussion about his career achievements, dealing with trauma and loss, the strength of his family and what the future may bring.

Production credit: A CJZ Production made in association with ABC. Director & Executive Producer Damian Davis. Series Producer Asha Anderson. CJZ Executive Producer Nick Murray. ABC Head of Entertainment Nick Hayden. ABC Executive Producer Frances O’Riordan.

Series 9, Episode 4 - Series Final


Sunday 10 July 7.40pm

After nine glorious series, Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery has come to an end and in a fitting finale it’s Julia herself who is road tripping back into her past.

Strap on your seatbelt as Julia Zemiro heads off for one last spin around the block in the final episode of Home Delivery. To help Julia relive the significant moments from her life, four special guests step in as interviewers.

Beloved gardening guru Costa Georgiadis takes Julia back to the family restaurant in Bondi that Julia, with her French father and Aussie mum, ran and lived above. Julia recalls a childhood spent stealing chocolate and watching her immigrant father toil away in the kitchen.

It’s a short walk up the road to Bondi Primary, a place where Julia was schooled in both French and English. Satirist Mark Humphries interviews Julia about playground romances, bloody noses and when she experienced her first taste of fame in the classroom.

Then the much-loved actress Justine Clarke picks Julia up in a terrific yellow Toyota hatchback, similar to the one Julia’s mum drove. The two drive to Sydney Girls High and then Sydney University, where her love of performing flourished.

The episode ends with a bang as Julia meets the hilarious Judith Lucy out the front of the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. It’s here that Julia remembers being given the tools that she would use for the rest of her life. Judith wraps the episode, and the series, with an intimate and revealing chat with Julia, in which they discuss desires, regrets, successes, loves and hopes for the future ahead.

Production credit: A CJZ Production made in association with ABC. Director & Executive Producer Damian Davis. Series Producer Asha Anderson. CJZ Executive Producer Nick Murray. ABC Head of Entertainment Nick Hayden. ABC Executive Producer Frances O’Riordan.

I really enjoyed the first episode of the final season with Ray Martin,and this week’s episode is with Marcia Hines which will great to watch.