So Ten must be airing new episodes of ‘The Talk’ then.

I thought all of the CBS syndicated shows were from at least 5 months ago, like Dr. Phil.


Amber Sherlock wearing “blue” today on 9 News Now.


What a cheerful looking group.:confused:


I notice Sandy Rae drizzled chocolate on last week’s white blouse today to avoid any chance of clashing. :wink:


Grand Slum? More like Grand GLUM.

I’ll see myself out.


Is she wearing an actual chain around her neck?


I am not sure if this was covered, but it will make you laugh again anyway:


Lucky Amber isn’t playing on centre court tonight:

The girls in wardrobe must be furious.


Julie Snook interviewed at tonight’s AB Medal, where she is wearing rose gold.

[quote]“We’ve been having a good laugh about it, we’re really good friends,” she said.

“I haven’t even seen those stories, but she’s great. We are great friends,” she added.



Just in case everyone didn’t realise apparently they are great friends.


Jacketgate rolls on. Knox of TV Tonight has criticised gossip mags for continuing to cover the story. They’re apparently publishing claims Sherlock is difficult to work with, even though the leak happened two weeks ago.


But isn’t he also still covering the story by posting the article? :slight_smile:


In the comments, David Knox used the excuse that he’s David Knox and therefore untouchable.


Considering that in Australia, unlike the UK for example, insignificant news rolls on for days and days and weeks as there is no other hot topic to replace it - why shouldn’t it be covered?

Whoever released the video from inside 9 obviously wanted to highlight Amber’s behaviour - he/she didn’t do it to give everyone a laugh. Why should bad behaviour, and the fact Nine tolerates it, be swept under the rug?


The Weekly with Charlie Pickering perpetuated the joke by suggesting Charlie, Kitty and Tom were too much white for their show. :laughing:

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering
The Weekly with Charlie Pickering

Seriously? It’s about time we move on.


I didn’t know we had to consult you as to when to post and when not to. @JBar, apologise.


They came up with the joke two weeks ago, then had to use it on the first episode back as Pickering couldn’t think of anything new. I think that’s it!!


I think the criticism is being aimed at The Weekly, the so called “topical” comedy show, rather than @JBar for pointing it out

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The Weekly with Charlie Pickering
The Weekly with Charlie Pickering