Wasn’t an employee I don’t think, but did come to fame during his stint regularly appearing on the programme.

Crabb isn’t paid for appearances on Q&A so there’s no difference in my eyes between the two.[quote=“Firetorch, post:1338, topic:148”]
Well, I’m going to add a new category to yours there. One that is actually, you know, kind of related to the job of journalism.

Nonsensical, illogical remarks which make ordinary ‘consumers’ of ABC News products question the journalistic rigour of the ABC.
I have a clause in my non-journalism employment contract for responsible social media usage.

And I don’t see many people depending on Mrs. Kitchen Cabinet’s twitter feed to make judgements on ABC. Non-issue.


Well, I didn’t say it was the biggest issue facing the world in 2017…

In any case, I’m not Ms Crabb’s employer (even though I do contribute to her salary). I’m not here to direct you to clause 23(b) of her contract and show you how she has over-stepped the mark…

I’m here as a regular pundit, a consumer of news products, highlighting how absurd it is for a prominent ABC employee to go out of her way to publicly agree with the most nonsensical, nasty article I have seen. She could have quietly read the article and nodded along if she agreed with it. She didn’t. She used her platform to make a (subtle to most people but blindly obvious to anyone that is switched on) political point.

In any case, at the end of the day, I had the same tone directed at me for years on this forum when I would highlight how inadequate Melissa Doyle was as host of Sunrise. Until, actually, Seven decided the same and shafted her. I have a nose for these things. When you say for example, that there is no push from any quarter for Leigh to be sacked, well, here it is. On these forums. I was the only one pushing for Doyle’s removal for years. Journos don’t campaign for the removal of other journos (just see how Fox has backed CNN after the Trump presser this week) - so I don’t know where you expect a campaign to start, if not with viewers.




I definetly don’t like Clemintine Ford, she puses her agenda so much that all men are bad and then she blames men for what happened between the two female employees in the great jacketgate? Seriously? I don’t take her seriously at all.

Second, I think some of the negative comments directed at her on instragram and twitter, were too far. If you are going to critique someone’s meltdown at least do so constructively. Don’t do it where the children can see it, or better yet, if you haven’t going anything nice or constructive to say don’t post out there! It sticks, once it does! And people have feelings.

I think this is the problem with social media - It has become a place where people attack other people when something goes wrong and not necessarily do it for the better, but more for because everyone else is doing it.

It’s a shame though - I don’t think she should have reacted like that , I am grateful it wasn’t live to air! It was truly unprofessional in my opinion and if i did that in my workplace. Financial Services - or behaved like that in front of a client and said “oh sorry can you put on a jacket because your business shirt is the same colour of my business shirt?” I would probably get a chewing from the boss.

Secondly - whoever leaked it - Should be disciplined. It’s one thing to share it around the office for a b it of laugh, but to leak it out to the public and have all this crap go down? Surely they would have known this was about to happen and that to me - it’s like leaking confidential information - should be instant fireable…


This thread isnt the ABC thread, and I would appreciate if you didn’t hijack it. look I don’t like much of the ABC, but out of all the things you could have chosen to talk about - especially since this particular news of Amber Sherlock is interesting and now reaching world wide news services, you chose to single Annabel Crabb? Her opinion is her opinion if she wants to agree with the Ford, then she can do so. Doesn’t make her anything. Just shows that she’s allowed to have an opinion outside of her job.

Moving on…

Just read that article about Kimmel. :wink: They’d definitely dissect the video on #TheView that’s for sure.


A vile piece of work with her triggered feminist rants.




Julie Snook taking no chances tonight. She wore a multicoloured outfit for her cross during the sport segment.

This incident has snowballed to the point where I think it has become necessary for Nine to remove Sherlock until it blows over. An enforced break of a couple of weeks would certainly allow all parties to get some perspective and evaluate the amount of damage this has done to the Nine News brand. I think Amber can recover from this but it will certainly take time to rebuild her image.


Yes, let’s move on from discussing the Australian MEDIA’S response to this incident, which is what this website is all about, to what an American chat show said about it.

Please stop hijacking MEDIASpy discussions to give us a rant on what you believe to be more important or not.

I already addressed the incident. I referred to Amber Sherlock’s behaviour. I then moved on to also discussing what representatives of Fairfax and the ABC have published in the public domain regarding the incident.


She really is. I mean, we all knew that anyway, but she’s just outdone herself this time.


Can we all agree that at the very least, Nine should remove Amber Sherlock from her position as the Sunday-Thursday Sydney weather presenter? If not removing her from Sydney’s weather permanently, a temporary suspension for about a month or so (at the very least) would be appropriate IMO.

If I was Darren Wick or Simon Hobbs, I don’t think I’d feel comfortable allowing Amber to continue her presenting role on Sydney’s most watched 6pm news bulletin at the moment. Yes we’re talking about weather, but including the previews Amber has primetime TV exposure in a major capital city for about 3-4 minutes five nights a week. A position I’m sure many presenters/reporters at Nine would love to have on a regular basis!

Allow Amber Sherlock to continue her weather presenting role on Nine News Sydney before the outrage dies down and you can just imagine what the next Seven News Sydney promo for David Brown’s weather will be like…


Just don’t let Belinda Russell get that role…


Three weeks until Media Watch is back :angry: We demand a special edition!


I just love leaked outburst footage. So entertaining to watch!


Im not, I am discussing the incident at hand. I made my thoughts clear that your response to Ms Crab’s tweet had nothing to do with the topic at hand specifically.


Fairly safe to say that won’t be happening. Tara Brown still has a safe job after literally filming her crimespree through Lebanon and bringing Nine into an international dispute. Whatever rules they have over at Nine, I strongly doubt a tanty over a jacket has done enough damage to warrant Sherlock receiving a time-out.




Nine is probably in a bit of a bind because they would know Amber would likely be able to point to worse off-camera incidents that weren’t leaked if they suspend her.


Well yeah, what are we actually punishing her for here? This sort of behaviour is considered perfectly acceptable (and dare I say even encouraged) within the industry.

For Nine, the issue is not Amber’s behaviour but rather the leaking of the video.


Well, that versus what everyone around the world is seeing as unacceptable, is what the issue is.