Mid 90s?


She worked as a cadet at Seven News Sydney


It’s sad to see the negative comments on both Instagram accounts. There seems to be a few more positive comments on Julie’s account though.

Julie Snook’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/julie_snook/

Amber Sherlock’s Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ambersherlock9/


However ridiculous Sherlock’s behaviour may have been, her children have absolutely nothing whatever to do with it. Anyone who’s dragged them into this is beyond stupid.

“Social” media is a complete misnomer as oft as not.


Sometime before that Amber presented the in-house news at the Commonwealth Bank.The news was played to staff before the branches opened in the morning.


So very true…

It could be called “unsociable” media in almost equal measure due to the type of people that troll etc.


Jacket-gate has got quite the international coverage, I saw it on ITV’s Good Morning Britain earlier and Fox News’ Fox and Friends are talking about it this morning. This has gone big.


Oh, no surprise that it’s received international coverage. It was quite a shocking piece of footage.

Amber’s behaviour was totally unacceptable for any workplace. She was condescending and rude to Julie, and to make it worse, she was berating Julie like a naughty child in front of an outside guest.

But then, my analysis reflects pretty much what most people have said here. And most people that have shared and interacted with it globally.

However, we now have Clementine Ford’s hot take on the story.

I am prepared to be corrected on this, but I would bet one million farms that male television journalists are not subjected to this kind of treatment.

Clementine Ford with a brain fart here, apparently thinking Channel 9, the TV industry, or the male patriarchy was berating Julie for daring to dress as a female.

The kind of treatment Julie was subjected to was by a fellow female employee, Amber.

perhaps Sherlock was simply safeguarding herself against what she saw as the inevitable onslaught of correspondence from men named Roger who would take altogether too much enjoyment from calling her (and Snook and Rae) braindead b-----s who need to learn how to dress properly if they want to read the news.

No, men don’t ring the Channel 9 switchboard to complain about what colour females on 9Now are wearing. This is the most bizarre and ridiculous form of parody-like feminist writing I have ever seen.

But rudeness in and of itself - which is to say, rudeness that is not rooted in racism, sexism, homophobia or anything that has an actual impact on people’s lives - isn’t a crime. Everyone’s had a rude, obnoxious colleague and everyone’s probably been that colleague on at least one occasion.

Yeah sure, rudeness and bullying at work has “no actual impact on people’s lives”. What a joke.

I’m sick of Annabel’s ditzy, twee, seething-below-the-surface routine. If she agrees with what ‘Clementine Ford said’, then I truly question her journalistic judgement. She thus needs to be removed from the ABC. Taxpayers don’t fund the ABC for representatives to go on ridiculous anti-male crusades. I await her passive-aggressive response.


On first watch I felt something was off too.


There’s something about Julie I don’t like. I could understand Amber’s frustrations with her as Amber has been there for years and Julie gets promoted from early early morning news to weekend today weather fill in to the coveted sports reporter role (does she even like sport?) I feel like she thinks its a stepping stone so she took it.

In Amber’s defense I don’t think it was because Julie was wearing white, it was because she looked at the monitor and saw how stupid they all looked and knew they would get either calls from stupid viewers or the comments from the bosses. I’m surprised there was no producer around to see this but maybe they are all on holidays still?

People were saying why couldn’t Amber put on a jacket? Well that would have been stupid considering she had just read a bulletin with no jacket up until that point. It was the most logical thing to ask in that situation and as Amber said she gave her fair warning.

And I wouldn’t put it past someone in that clip leaking it to humiliate Amber and lift their own profile.


and Clementine Ford is an idiot, she can find any topic and blame a man for it.


Honestly, I don’t see the problem with the three women wearing white.

All it needed to be was something professional looking and uncontroversial, which all three ladies had on.

And as like @SydComMedia posted in Post 1246 further above regarding the Today team, all 6 of them were all happily wearing white tops and dark pants, and I didn’t see anything wrong with that (not that I am any fashionista since I only have three pairs of shoes :smile: ).


Or any woman who has the audacity to make choices Ford doesn’t approve of. Her way is the only way and she’ll roast anyone who doesn’t go along with it.

I agree with your view on this entire tempest in a teapot. Amber Sherlock may have overreacted and the whole thing is pretty ridiculous, but one has to wonder why someone found it necessary to leak the footage. It strikes me as rather petty and pathetic.


No. ABC employees are fully capable of separating their personal opinions from their work and I see no reason why the simple expression of support for something (I also don’t agree with) requires dismissal.


Thanks for the contractual analysis, matlock.

In any case, I don’t see how you’ve entered her brain and dissected how she is fully capable of separating her personal opinions etc. etc. You’ve just made up a sentence there. I’ve seen her espouse the same silly opinions on Q&A anyway.


I’m not reading her contract. Her twitter is her own outlet, not the ABC’s. She’s fully entitled to express her own opinion through that medium if she wants and that shouldn’t have anything to do with her employment.

RE: her on Q&A, Andrew Bolt was on Insiders for many years with his opinions. Both are programmes which espouse opinions.


Sorry. That is simply wrong. See SBS sports reporter & ANZAC Day a year or two ago.


Was he a guest on Insiders or an ABC employee? Genuine question. Don’t know.


Pretty much anyone is fired if they make racist, homophobic or anti-Semitic jokes on social media. Crabb’s tweet has none?


Well, I’m going to add a new category to yours there. One that is actually, you know, kind of related to the job of journalism.

Nonsensical, illogical remarks which make ordinary ‘consumers’ of ABC News products question the journalistic rigour of the ABC.