International Sports Rights


Will be interesting to see if they go down the route of selected matchdays (like Amazon Prime) or if they will try and take on Sky/BT more directly.

A decent outcome if the latter would be to see them get the rights to everything (and do away with the 3pm blackout rule which makes no sense in the 21st century) and offer, say, a couple of games live per week + highlights to an FTA partner.

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The 3pm blackout is to protect local non-league football


They can’t get everything even without 3pm blackout. UK competition rules won’t allow it. I believe no broadcaster can get more than 4 of the 6 packages available.


This rule is so rigid that UK networks can’t even show live club football from continental Europe if they are played at 3pm UK time. It should be relaxed so the likes of Serie A, La Liga and Bundesliga matches can be shown in the afternoon.


It’s to get people to the stadiums to watch games, at an EPL level but also a smaller level down to non-leagues. You could argue whether that works or has a relevance in 2023, but I don’t think showing other leagues from Europe would help at all.


They could do a trial of having 1 or 2 Premier League matches live on pay TV at 3pm (e.g. Brentford v Southampton and Wolverhampton v Leicester City) then conduct a survey of non-league clubs on the effect of those live matches on attendances.

It’s more the long term effects of allowing broadcasts in that slot, not a one-off weekend.

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LIV Golf tour has announced its first broadcast deal in the United States, penning a ‘multi-year’ agreement with The CW Network.

LIV Golf did not disclose details of the partnership, but several media outlets have reported that The CW will not pay for media rights to LIV Golf in the traditional sense, nor would it buy time on the network. Instead, the proposed agreement would be to share advertising revenue.

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Good to see the CW broadcasting sports

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NFL Game Pass International is merging into DAZN. After years working with Deltatre and Endeavor Streaming/NeuLion, the NFL is teaming up with the DAZN Group and will integrate the package into the existing DAZN apps. The deal excludes the US and China.


Wonder if they’ll be blackout restrictions when games are on Kayo/ESPN

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