International Sports Presentation

TNT Sports in Latin America (Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico) have adopted the same symbol as their UK counterpart, retiring their 2021 symbol.

As seen in this Twitter thread, the DOGs are the most apparent on-screen change, as they have been adopting the DixonBaxi graphics:

Some, like their Premium channel in Chile, have a redesigned wordmark:


Some elements of the Fox MLB broadcast from Rickwood Field in Birmingham, Alabama. The game was played in recognition of the Negro Leagues, with the ballpark being the former home of the Birmingham Black Barons:

I think the layout of the scorebug is better than their current scorebug. Obviously, you would look to remove the historic elements for regular game use, but it looks so much better than the 3D bases protruding out.
Fox also covered part of the game as they did back in the 1950s

The answer to the question on when baseball began to have the main camera behind the pitcher was 1958 during the World Series.


ORF Austria rebranded their sports department back in May, with new graphics package in live events, channel branding (ORF Sport+) and programme opens (such as Sport 20, the channel’s daily sports news).

It was done by Red Bee Creative, whose brief focused on the ‘timeslice’ concept to highlight moments in sports events to the viewers, in “a journey through time”. It also used ORF Universal, the new corporate font, after first being spotted online in early May.

Red Bee’s full case study can be seen here:

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They’re very BBC Sport

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The caption was overlaid over clips of the superstar missing a crucial penalty against Slovenia that could have led to Portugal’s elimination from the Euros against the underdog nation. Ronaldo was visibly emotional after missing the penalty and could be seen being comforted by teammates.

BBC’s response


An old-fashioned Wimbledon graphic on South Africa’s Supersport Action channel

Imagine seeing this on Nine!


That’s dreadful!


Yesterday’s British F1 Grand Prix had animated graphics and a separate commentary team targeting at kids. Was it produced by F1 itself or Sky Sports? How long has this presentation style been going for?

Saw a video at Fox Sports Australia website.


Sky, it’s not a new thing. They’ve been doing F1 Kids for a few years now.

No idea why they’ve used it for this highlight clip.

Note the “8-time sorry 7-time world champion” dig :wink:

That main caller needs to shut up though keeps going on and on without excitement. “Young man” mate Hamilton’s nearly 40.

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