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TruTV in the US is transitioning into sports programming on primetime, as TNT Sports Tonight debuted last night plus a betting show, The Line.

The former is hosted by CNN sport correspondent Coy Wire, and is produced by CNN (as if the brands are not messy enough🤭). Here’s the full debut - not sure how long it’ll stay on Youtube with all the copyright stuff:


Certainly looks and feels like a CNN show

We’ve heard of remote commentary, but how about this!

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Sky Sports leaving half the team in the UK for Australian Grand Prix. Also Japan and China coming up.

Commentary will still be from Melbourne with Crofty and Brundle on site.

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Will they only use the studio for the three races where the timezones mean it’s an early morning race in the UK? :thinking:

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So network 10 will be a better coverage than what’s on Foxtel? At least they are live at the track and can bring the atmosphere into the living room.

Crazy to think that the primary channel can’t provide the best coverage.


There might be additional coverage this weekend by Fox Sports as Jess Yates has an interview this weekend.

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Probably one of only a few sports where it makes more sense for the presenters to be at the venue rather than the commentators who are all calling off a screen anyway.


They’ve still got people at the track (including the commentators) but this change seems to be partially driven by the brutality of the calendar and also a desire to cut costs. It’s easy to host the majority of the coverage from a remote studio for the next three races when the coverage is very early morning for its key audience (the UK)

Sky has lopped 55 minutes out of the pre-race coverage for Australia too - I’d imagine that Fox will try and fill that void.


That’s the MNF studio yeah?

Is Channel 4 from Aus?

Fox will have the support races (Supercars) to fill that, plus ad breaks and their own features etc.

There’s minimal on track action at the time Sky normally has their pre-race coverage


TNT Sports has renamed its Chilean channel lineup. TNT Sports 3 dropped the numeral, airing live events in Chilean First B Division football and original programmes.

TNT Sports 2 and HD are now united as TNT Sports Premium, differing only by their respective resolutions. It seems like they adapted DixonBaxi’s UK graphics too in the promos:

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MLB Big Inning which is baseball NFL RedZone and MLS 360 versions for whip-around coverage on certain nights.

Apple TV games are blacked out in Australia for MLB TV subscribers.

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I believe they’re not available at all on MLB TV regardless of location


Viaplay has stroke a deal with Talpa in the Netherlands to air some of its F1 races through FTA, alongside darts and football. SBS9 is to be renamed as Viaplay TV as a result.

TVR in Romania has launched their dedicated Sport channel last Saturday, in preparation to the Paris Olympics this Summer. This is their first continuity junction, with trailers that seem to point to their online portal instead:

Aside from telecasting the Paris Olympics, the channel is also making original programming, focusing on school matches, Olympics updates and general sports podcast.

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Looks like they are beginning to phase out the MLB on TBS brand.
The broadcasts are branded “MLB Tuesday” and some graphics feature the TNT Sports logo.

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Couple of captures on recent world sport events in Hong Kong, both from public broadcaster RTHK TV 32 (presumably snatching from HoyTV).

FIBA 3x3 Universality Olympic Qualifiers
Mostly the same as the standard match graphics, only in light blue instead of red.

The rather makeshift pundit studio.

Another slightly different scoreboard style.

The full-screen graphic, featuring the match logo and a backdrop with a blue tint. This is perhaps the most 3x3 branding seen throughout the match too, aside from the bumpers in and out of the slow-mos.

Rugby SVNS
Used the newly-rebranded official graphics, but just wanted to commemorate the last time it was played in the Hong Kong Stadium (they’re moving to a new one in Kai Tak next year), plus the Men’s team winning the new Melrose Shield.

The Chinese title endcard, which looks choppier than the rest…

… like their much bigger studio shot. I suspect it was from a different footage given the different DOG?

The Cantonese pundit roster (bottom left) under the same design language.