International Sports Presentation

These graphics remind me of the previous iteration of Fox Sports graphics.

Here’s a couple more bits from the night session.

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It seems (so far) that the use of the world feed on Seven is tied to NBC games. The Cowboys-Packers game took the Fox feed, but the current Lions-Rams game which is being shown on NBC is using the world feed.


Looks like they may’ve switched to the NBC feed since that post…


Quite interesting, I only checked at the start of the coverage (as a Saints fan, I’m not really paying a heap of attention to the postseason).


NBA League Pass stream quality on a desktop PC

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Not great then?

Unfortunate outage for Michigan fans in their area.

Hi @siisso123. We apologize for the technical issue you are currently experiencing. NBC has been impacted by a service outage. We are actively trying to fix the issue. Learn more here: If you need further assistance, please DM us. ^JaysonL

— DIRECTV Help (@DIRECTVhelp) January 21, 2024

Some captures for the Tatler XFest friendly match (which turned sour as Inter Miami’s biggest stars, Messi and Suarez, didn’t play despite the ads) in Hong Kong. ViuTV/NowTV were the broadcast partners of the match.

The rather barebones title card, as an extension to their promo graphic.

The playing 11 lineup.

The scoreboard (top left) and the card noting the change of players (bottom left). The latter space is also used in introducing commentators, arena and referee at the start of the match, an example of which is also seen here composited.

The logo animation seen during replays. The wordmark zooms in and rotates.

The half-time graphic, in which the top part expands to reveal the names behind the goals. Also featured: A benched Messi.


I hate it when certain countries (generally continental mainland AFC countries) scream for refunds and there’s uproar when a player doesn’t play. Would anyone turn up if this game was played two years ago (no Messi)? No, but a team is almost never going to risk the health of a player for a friendly (Al-Nassr didn’t even risk Ronaldo in a China friendly recently - the matches were cancelled and they certainly lost a chunky fee!). There’s no guarantee a player will ever play in a match so “fans” who feel so entitled to seeing someone need to grow up and look beyond themselves for a moment.

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On the other hand, people are probably paying a premium just to see Messi run around for a bit. No-one, in HK or anywhere not in the US, in their right mind is going to pay anything more than a couple bucks to see Inter Miami play if they didn’t have Messi.

(Plus, I live in the US, and right after Messi was signed, all Inter Miami ticket prices went from $25-$40 for entry level tickets to over $250. The mark up is insane)


Nothing annoys me more than test cricket graphics that permanently display the over count. A completely wasted usage of screen space. If it rotated to show it once an over I could understand possibly…


What else could go there?

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You could probably truncate the entire bar, or hero the score a bit more like Fox does.

Or you could put toss result then transition to 1st/2nd innings etc. The whole bar is a little too static for my liking. The Fox one displays stats or facts occasionally.

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Like 7, they don’t have the overs all the time. They had who won toss (day 1), overs, 1st innings, lead by, trail by, target etc


The international feed seems to cut to the wide stadium camera when the local feed cuts to the comms box camera. All supers and graphics they are referencing still pop up and they don’t cut out any local sponsor boards or slides or TVNZ promos etc. so it seems like a strange decision to have that set up.

That does seem odd

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New CBS Sports graphics for the Super Bowl


Just wondering, during the men’s international matches on Fox cricket, does the international feed get their lunch breaks and all other stuff?

During the women’s test where 7 are the host broadcaster, the feed on Willow has the entire 7 lunch break


I’m unsure if it’s supplied or whether Sky NZ buys it separate but the Fox coverage is on Sky.

For years and years they never took The Cricket Show or whatever Nine’s production was but I have a vague recollection they might have done towards the end of its life.

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