International Sports Presentation

Smart move.

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There’d be reasons why it’d be shown in a similar respect to the DRS timer in this year’s Big Bash.

They reduced the time permitted between wickets to 75 seconds from the usual 90 - but instead of timing the batter out, the bowler instead gets a free bowl at the unattended stumps on the next delivery (which counts as a valid dot ball if it misses, unless it’s a no-ball).

Yes, it’s just an attempt at engineered “excitement” as to be out “timed out” is not a good look for the game (IMO, not a great attempt). No, it’s not meant to be at full screen like that!

Oh yeah, I definitely know why it exists but just a mixing error to make it full screen for the international feed I suspect! Pretty funny.

The Big Bash international feeds seem to have a lot of occasional stuff like that.


They used it before in the 2021 season.

It was amusing to see 7mate try to fit in their watermark into this.

Watching the late-afternoon slot game (being a Fox game) where Fox were actually using all four corners* and 7mate going through three variations of the watermark - first the usual sport one in the top-left, then the general programming one in the bottom-right, then settling on “general one minus 7plus website mention”, at least for the first half.

Local ESPN tends to have a “top corner but moved slightly lower” watermark option, especially as they know that their US mothership does the same thing with scores in the top-left if there are overflows onto their other channels.

* not at the same time obviously, but with them constantly showing the current QB’s stats, the full bottom-right watermark clashed half the time


Chris Stubbs is anchoring the world feed day sessions at the Australian Open this year.

In the last couple of years it’s been Neroli Meadows.


The BBC’s Alison Mitchell (best known for her cricket commentary on ABC Radio and Seven) is calling for the AO world feed, according to her tweet on the weekend.

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Neroli is doing content for Stan Sport this year.

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Some MOTD2 elements in this video:

HBO Max graphics:

NBC Universo:

Sky News’ live coverage of Shane Warne’s funeral last year:

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HBO Max’s USMNT coverage:

Copa del Rey:



This part of the post match leaked over to super sports feed


It also showed a bit of 7’s ad about their sport for the year before being abruptly cut


Elements of BBC Scotland’s SWPL coverage:

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Watched the Super Bowl via NFL game pass today and therefore the warts and all Fox broadcast including all the ads. Was a great experience.


Speaking of Fox’s coverage, it brought in new graphics for the Super Bowl telecast:

Which were different from the usual graphics Fox had during the season (following from the NFC Championship two weeks ago)


The score graphics is similar layout but a bit different & bigger

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Very typical for the networks to premiere a new score bug on the Super Bowl telecast - the previous ones came out last time Fox had the Super Bowl in 2020, although due to world feed stuff, the first time most saw it here was in their aborted XFL coverage starting a week or two later.

Although in this case, definitely an evolution rather than a revolution.

Seven thankfully got the Fox telecast this year rather than the world feed (without the ads of course). Unsurprising that the NFL could really only charge AU$1 to get people to watch the full domestic telecast, ads and all, but I could imagine plenty of die-hards wanting to do that.

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NZ v ENG seems to be a joint broadcast between Spark and BT. Interviews done with Spark and BT mics at various points on both separate broadcasts, and obviously BT’s Mitchell and Gower calling.

Why would BT have this and not Sky sports?

Because BT has the rights…

Yeah i get that but wow. How many times has BT had the rights over Sky?