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Yeah I would have to agree with that assessment, although given most of the Brits voted for the disaster that was Boris Johnson (of all people) in a landslide 5 years ago it’s hard to dispel the idea that somehow Sunak might pull a Scomo and an upset victory, even though this should be a Labour landslide without them even trying. Even if Stamer said something like the above that the Tories have no chance in hell of getting back into majority anyway, well let’s hope so anyway.

It seems like a lot of Poms are still deluded and think that Tories are like rainbows and lollipops even after all their scandal-loaded shenanigans, or they just hate Labour more even though they, as far as I know, haven’t been in government for more than a decade and haven’t really put a foot wrong yet.


Tom why do you keep on with the name calling people who see different tgings feom lt just makes your argument and opinion look weak.

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Because it’s not name-calling, people call the British poms or brits. It’s not an offensive term.

And it’s a forum. As long as I am offering my opinion without offending anyone directly I can say whatever I like, and you have the right to do so too.

And it’s not weak, it’s factual. There are a lot of voters here and abroad that are weird since they keep voting against their own interest by voting the same old incumbent (the conservatives).


Personally i feel that it is weak to be name calling
Not everybody neeeds to be shamed or be called names because they have a different political leaning.

You use “weird” to describe people who voted for the torries against their own interests. How would you know what their interests are ? Did you speak to them? What evidence can you provide that they are voting against their own interest?

Sure it is your opinion but when you make claims like that at least back it up with a proper argument or further sources. :thinking:

However , despite how i feel about that particular aspect of thr post i do agree the Tory party have themselves to blame for the situation they are in. .Can see a blood bath come on vote day.

It was likely that very few young voters were going to vote Tory at this election (and maybe the next couple). What this insane proposal (among other things) has done is antagonised that entire voting cohort to a point where even 20+ years from now they will still be unlikely to vote Tory.
Centre right parties are already in decline especially with young voters, ideas like this only serve to accelerate that decline.

If I lived in the UK I don’t think I would vote for either the Labour or Conservative Parties. Both parties want to spend billions on foreign aid, the boat crossing problems likely will not stop and inflation won’t change significantly.

Unlike many in the politics thread I am not what you would call a “leftie” but the current government aren’t doing well at all with the boat crossings as said, military aid and now reintroducing the mandatory military service. I’ve seen many right wing accounts online, both in the UK and Australia opposing the mandatory service and some refusing to vote for either party.

Who would you vote for? The UK is a tricky beast with first past the post voting so there might be times when tactically it’s better to vote for Labor or the conservatives (depending on one’s beliefs)

That’s why I like our preferential system. I can vote greens for example and put Labor 2 and not waste my vote

I would vote for the UK Labour Party if I lived in the UK, plus I might vote for Liberal Democrats if Labour was unpopular

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Huh? You can’t vote for both.

I think what he was implying was that he would vote for the Liberal Democrats if Labour was unpopular.

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South Africa is having its election today.

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Watching the Tories implode is becoming so entertaining, just when you think he can’t make another blunder he goes and tops it off!

Good to see Sunak and the conservative keep tearing themselves apart. Wasn’t this the same guy that wanted to bring back national service? Instead he ditched the 80th anniversary of D-Day which is significant to the UK in the same way ANZAC day is to Australia and NZ.

They’ve had it for too long and are now rightfully paying the price. Heck at this rate they might end up with less than 100 seats and might not even be an official opposition party. How embarrassing but satisfying.


They better be prepared for a blood bath coming Election Day.

Will be like Labor in Queensland in 2012 and Liberals in 2021 in WA all over again.

this will be seen as the turning point of the election in my opinion. the same voters Rishi was chasing with the idea of national service he will have just alienated with this stupid decision - he left the 80th anniversary of D-Day to film an interview with ITV.

the fact no one spoke up around Sunak and said this looks bad says alot about the people around him. this is much worse than Brown’s Bigoted women comment because missing the D-Day commemoration was a deliberate decision.


The vote will take place in two rounds on June 30 and July 7, he said.


Rishi Sunak should become a comedian after he gets turfed. You really couldn’t make this up.

That would be the equivalent of Malcolm Turnbull saying ‘I grew up in a working class family’. What rot.

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