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Conservatives in the UK propose that people can alter their birth certificate willy nilly in order to change their gender, without any medical opinion required, without any time restriction imposed.

Sensible changes that take into account and address the common sense concerns raised by long-time activists like Germaine Greer, or an example of a Minister (a member of the LGBTQ community herself) wanting LGBTQ brownie points for a “far reaching and significant reform of rights < insert chosen cliche >”?

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In my opinion - since we are told that our gender no longer aligns with our sex, why don’t we remove variables that can change day to day, like gender, from official documentation, and only record verifiables, such as sex?

The distinction between “male” and “female” has been fundamental because people associate that with a classification of sex - no one cares whether an individual FEELS like being a male or female - therefore, this situation where people demand the “rights” of people that wish to choose their gender can easily be swept away as an issue that anyone has to worry about, because people are free (and always have been) to FEEL whatever they want.

Further, there is no need for facilities, benefits, sporting competitions etc. to be open or available based on gender. Again, the “male” / “female” split has always been recognised as such because of SEX.

Therefore, just make the use of facilities such as toilets available on the basis of sex (medical opinion). “Gender issues” therefore completely irrelevant. Problem solved?

Signage from a UK educational facility doing the social media rounds today:

Do politicians have a duty in ensuring that common sense and safety prevails over their lazy, cliche espousal of gender politics?

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“Spotting the signs of extremism” in the UK in 2017 = supposedly right wing views, alcohol.

Spotting actual extremism in the UK in 2017? Well, no we mustn’t do that, that’s “Islamophobic”.

Well yeah, right wing extremism has killed a sitting MP within the past two years in the UK. To say it isn’t an issue is naive. I think the Police are merely trying to combat both issues simultaneously.

The false equivalence between “right wing terrorism” and “Islamic terrorism” is a total furphy. The murder of Jo Cox was a politically motivated CRIME - not terrorism. Terrorism is indiscriminately murdering individuals, to instill terror amongst the population generally, done so with political aims. That’s why blowing up a passenger plane is regarded as terrorism. And that’s why walking up to Susan Doe MP in seat 34C and murdering her is not terrorism, but a politically motivated crime. See the difference?

That these should somehow be treated as issues with equal weighting is total nonsense, but one the far-left infested UK media, police, and government departments desperately try to have normal people believe. And even further - the discussion of “right wing terrorism” is actively ENCOURAGED - see the tweet - while dobbing in individuals who have been “spotted” as having the “potential” to perpetrate acts of Islamic terrorism is treated as ISLAMOPHOBIC.

But it was still murder for political reasons, which is extremism.

The tweet you quoted says “right wing extremism”.

It’s not referring to just terrorism. That was your invention.

It is referring to extremist actions, including but not limited to terrorism and “politically motivated crimes”, as you say.

Therefore, Police wanting to address right wing extremism is justified because politically motivated crimes such as murdering an MP has been shown to be possible in the current UK political climate, and therefore warrants extra attention by police.

Yes - but the “extra attention” is only given in this case because far-left media has been on a campaign to conflate the two for months now.

Now, let’s compare with how Police have responded to “left wing extremism” in a political context, because, as you say “politically motivated crimes such as murdering an MP has been shown to be possible in the current UK political climate”.

Serving cops joined hard left activists to carry out vile insults and intimidation on social media and in person, Conservative MPs claim.

A campaign waged against North Wales MP and government minister Guto Bebb was so bad that he has lodged four different complaints to his force’s chief constable.

Another Tory candidate has claimed his protests to police chiefs in Lincolnshire over harassment were laughed away.

And others say they were victims of a raft of anonymous abuse online by cops hiding their identities.

Slight difference, no? No “extra attention” warranted by Police here…

Where are the tweets by Police calling on people to spot signs of “left wing extremism”?

That’s not even touching the vile abuse Jewish MPs and individuals in the UK sufffer from the far-left…yet only “right-wing” men that “drink” need to be “spotted” for signs of “extremism”…

…and? This is a nothing story.

First of all, it’s The Sun.

Secondly, those poor MPs copping some harsh words. That must be the first time a politician has had someone swear at them…

Thirdly, Conservative MPs claim.

Fourth, a few words is not nearly the equivalent to a Labour MP being murdered.

Finally, the extremist right has grown much bigger in recent years than the extremist left. There is no significant terror or criminal threat posed by left wing network groups in the West. Same can’t be said for conservative groups (both Islamic and Christian)’

I KNEW you’d respond with this, even though the MPs claims are detailed and even have names attached. Are you saying they’re being dishonest?

You literally said “politically motivated crimes such as murdering an MP has been shown to be possible in the current UK political climate”…and that the “extra attention is warranted”…which presumably means that the Police should be preventing potential attacks, no? In other words, simply saying “well someone hasn’t been murdered yet” is entirely redundant…

The tweet wasn’t asking people for information about MURDER…simply “spotting extremism”.

Well this is simply false.

National Trust volunteers in the UK, primarily occupied with the upkeep and service of historic properties, forced to wear rainbow flag attire because the Trust is committed to “promoting inclusion” (totally makes sense that attire representing one small portion of society needs to be worn, instead of standard attire which represents and includes, well, everyone - morons!):

The UK’s descent into a mafia-esque country whereby the public service has been captured by the extreme far-left, and bullies the ordinary person in a very sinister way, continues. Quite sad.

I guess this would be the place to discuss the North Korea conflict? is sprinting off the mark.

And some retro nuclear fear from Beyond 2000:


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Tbh I’d rather than be cooked instantly than live a few days or months in a post-nuclear world. It would be exceedingly shit.

News story went viral the other day on social media - the reaction from the far-left regarding the fact it was a woman that was assaulted (men are OK to be assaulted) lead to inept British police quickly arresting someone not even in the country at the time to quell the outrage.

A lot of people online are claiming that the driver of the car who ran down a bunch of counterprotesters in Virginia are claiming that the person did it because the protesters surrounded his car and began attacking the vehicle, which sounds kind of credible because of the recent cases where Black Lives Matter protesters have blocked roads and attacked vehicles attempting to pass the human cordon.

But watch the videos, and you can CLEARLY see that it’s a pre-meditated act.

Now a lot of the brainwashed Trumpites are claiming that the person was never a member of the American Nazis, and rather it’s a false flag perpetrated by Antifa.

The person who drove the car has been charged with second-degree murder.

(NSFW of course:)

One thing I have to object to is the media reporting that three people died as a result of the clashes on the ground in Virginia. Two were policemen who died after their helicopter crashed due to an unrelated malfunction. Using their deaths to inflate the figures for the sake of a headline seems disingenuous.

British Police paid to post to social media details about an “investigation” into “name calling between children”.

The capture of British public services by the far-left is extremely worrying.

As disingenuous as it does seem, the same thing has been done before - attributing their deaths to the overall event.

Glad to see news orgs calling it what it is: domestic terrorism.