International Politics (non-USA)

Whilst most of the world seems to be leaning bizarrely rightwards politically, in the UK it’s a different story. Looks like the conservatives are on-track for a (well deserved) landslide loss come 2025.

Only 5 years too late after Bozo Bojo got elected back in 2020. No idea what the poms see in the Tories when they’ve been nothing but a wrecking ball and an absolute shocker since the start of the Brexit ordeal back in the mid-2010s. Only they’ve survived each time because of their stupidly long 5-year terms and the fact that in that time Labour always finds themselves having a balls-up when they can’t afford to.

Margaret Thatcher would be rolling in her grave at the state of the Tories today.

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I see Keir Starmer’s polling is still diabolical for someone who in all likelihood will be the next Prime Minister of the UK.

Politico’s Poll of Polls seems to suggest there has been little change in support over the last 12 months, especially for Labour:

Looking like the election will be the choice between a douche and a turd sandwich.


Looks like Stamer is ready to pull an Albo/Bradbury and just wing it over the line. I mean the incumbent is that terrible that they could just pull it off but it will turn off the masses when they realise these small-target, no nothing approaches are nothing but filbuster.

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The Lib Dems are absolutely screwed if they don’t get rid of Ed Davey. He’s permanently tainted by the Post Office scandal and his response at the time.

Starmer comes across as rather smug and unlikeable. Don’t think his previous career as director of the Crown Prosecution Service does him any favours when the country is reeling from one of the worst miscarriages of justice in modern Western history (with some cases occurring under his tenure).

Sunak’s slightly better than some of his predecessors but that really is not saying much at all. The Tories are still surely absolutely screwed.

I think the rightward swing is a combination of factors- a backlash against some of the more extreme and overzealous forms of political correctness that occurs these days, a feeling that major parties are not adequately representing people anymore, and unease about things like high immigration (sometimes an unfair but easy target for the populists)

In the UK I can see the wild card being Reform UK- they’re the closest to the sort of right wing “anti-establishment” populist party that has been gaining traction in a lot of countries.

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If the British are smart no one would vote for Nigel Farage and his little fantasy bubble, but then again…

Rightly or wrongly, I think this is a very short-sighted view taken by a lot of simplistically-minded simpletons who seems to be caring more about their own ambitions than the long-term aspirations. Will come back to bite them hard I reckon.

Back on topic, the Tories have been nothing short of embarrassing on all fronts the last 5 years and they deserve to be sent packing. Sunak, Truss, Cleverly, Morduant etc all needs to go.

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Lawrence Wong will be sworn in on May 15.