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That number is metro + regional and includes two broadcasts - on ABC1 and ABC24. The ABC broadcast of the show often appears in the top 20 for each Sunday’s overnights - last week it ranked at 21st.


Yes but the Today and Sunrise number is also metro+regional - so it’s Apples for Apples

If you look at the graphic in The Age article you will see the News 24 simulcast added not many incremental viewers. And having seen News 24s daily ratings recently - I can confirm this is more or less still what a News 24 simulcast adds today.

That essentially makes Insiders Australia’s #1 breakfast show.

Perhaps they should be getting that message out there and suing a seven for its promo claims?!


The article is about the program Insiders - broadcast on Sundays at 9 am on ABC1 and ABC24 so it isn’t a breakfast show - it is classified as a morning show. It seems a bit of a stretch to compare the ratings of a 9am Sunday program to the average for programs that run 7am-9am 5 days a week.

Regarding adding the ABC1 and ABC24 numbers together - it is not standard practice when there are different timeslots involved. Half of the ABC24 audience is not in the 9-10 am timeslot (Brisbane, Perth etc) so in Brisbane for example they are adding the audience 8-9am on ABC24 to the audience 9-10 am on ABC1. Superficially this might seem OK because they aren’t the same people watching, but you call also do the same thing for say Sunrise and ask how many different people are watching 7-8 and 8-9 and add them together.


Every single show on TV has its ratings averaged across is broadcast. So a 3 hour movie is treated the same as 15 minute Media Watch. Whilst they may disadvantage longer broadcasts and advantage shorter broadcasts - that is the agreed upon standard.

yes take your point that insiders is a morning show. And today and sunrise are breakfast shows.

But still
The success of the show can’t be denied. sunrise and today have not seen that kid or growth.


I guess we can now assume the nasty temporary set is permanent? It’s so dark and dreary for a morning politics show.


Chris Uhlmann’s report for yesterday’s Insiders programme is getting some attention:

As I was watching it (at the time) I thought, this is why I like Uhlmann; he says it like it is, no bullshit, so it’s pleasing his report is getting support, but I hope the ABC aren’t going to be squeamish & find some excuse to be displeased with him.

PS: I’ve since seen @Firetorch posted about this in the ABC News thread.


The Australian reports ABC has appointed Sam Clark as the new executive producer of Insiders, replacing Kellie Mayo. Clark, who is currently a senior producer on ABC’s national reporting team, won a Gold Walkley for his work on the Four Corners investigation into the greyhound racing industry along with Caro Meldrum-Hanna and Max Murch.


Interesting to note that Insiders is staying on air until December 17th this year.

Would generally finish much earlier.


Sunday 4 February

9:00am Insiders Series Return
10:00am Offsiders Series Return


Simpler and cleaner graphics this year.




Live cross:

More full screens:


Peter Van Onselen will be appearing on the panel for the first time on Sunday.


Peter Van Onselen is becoming a regular now along with Fran Kelly.


His Twitter feed has made for interesting (and some would say entertaining) reading recently in regards to his sniping about Sky


Yeah he seems to be very unhappy about the direction the organisation is going, with types like Bolt and Paul Murray and especially Credlin.

And yet he continues to blow smoke up The Australian’s arse, as if the newspaper is the second coming of Jesus Reagan Christ.


Split screen:


Barry Cassidy will be the featured guest on upcoming episode of Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery.


Super Saturday graphics: