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It’s a real shame that Insiders hasn’t started as yet given how eventful the last few weeks have been.


yeah switched on this morning and went WTF?


Maybe the ABC just wants to save on production cost by not bringing back Insiders early? I think Barrie Cassidy was keen to interrupt his holiday to do some interviews and discussion. There are lots of things to catch up for the team on next week’s show.


###Insiders is back for 2017, Sunday morning

Sunday 12 February at 9am on ABC and 9am (AEDT) on ABC News 24 & iview

On the first Insiders for 2017, this Sunday February 12, Barrie Cassidy interviews key Liberal Senator and the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Arthur Sinodinos.

On the panel: the Financial Review’s Laura Tingle, Guardian Australia’s Lenore Taylor and ABC 7.30 Political Editor, Andrew Probyn.

Our video editor Huw Parkinson gives us his take on the Turnbull-Trump phone call.

And Mike Bowers talks pictures with Fairfax photographer, Andrew Meares.


Finally Cassidy is back after spending taxpayer money on his very long holiday!


He works for his money, it’s his, and he doesn’t get to pick the show airdates.


Geez I wish Media Spy would lighten up a bit



As always new graphics for a new year


Pauline Hanson speaks with Barrie Cassidy on Insiders, Sunday morning

Sunday 5 March at 9am on ABC & 9am (AEDT) on ABC News 24 & ABC iview

On Insiders this Sunday March 5, Barrie Cassidy interviews One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson.

On the panel: the Financial Review’s Phil Coorey, Guardian Australia’s Katharine Murphy and the Seven Network’s Mark Riley.

And Mike Bowers talks pictures with SBS political reporter, Marija Jovanovic.


I believe Insiders may be coming from the new studio this morning.


A few caps


Yes. Insiders was the first program to come from the new studio 38 at Southbank
All programs will return this week


isn’t that their temp set? those ugly walls always come out when they’re away from home.


No it’s definitely the permanent set in studio 38


Is it not in HD?


No none of the abc news studios are in HD
The only studio to produce a News program in HD is studio 22 that does Q&A


I thought I read that this new studio would be HD though…


Michael Rowland asked the EP of news breakfast if the show would be in HD from march during a Facebook live broadcast and he replied “yes my producer is telling me the new studio is HD”


The SMH reports that Insiders has been averaging roughly half a million viewers every Sunday since the start of this year, beating out traditional commercial competitors. The article also has some information on the weekday averages of Sunrise and Today.